Happy Spook To You!

Halloween is a day I cherish with my little sprouts. The excitement on their faces when transforming into their chosen characters… Chasing after the pitter patter of little feet as they trick or treat for candy. Choosing the right neighborhood in New York City that is the most festive is always a puzzle. As you don’t want to disappoint. The metropolis embraces the holiday amongst adults and children alike. I love the city for its holiday spirit…. And am glad to share with my tweedle dees.

This is my first Halloween as a divorcee, the kiddies and I will be trick or treating sans their father. There is not much difference as the holidays were always more my thing than his anyway. Often times he would work long hours and would arrive towards the end anyway. Nevertheless…. I plan to make this Halloween a memorable one for them. After all don’t we always want the best for our sprouts?

I hope everyone enjoys this spooky day and stays safe. Happy Spook to you all!

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