Let Life Flow!

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“Let Life Flow!” My new credo in life. Worry free of all aspects in life I cannot control and embrace the present moment! Not attempt to scribe the closing of a book, the final act to a play, the conclusion to a thesis….just polarize the now. Eliminate the categorization, definition and tag on me, my family, work, social and dating life. Just be fluid.

My aggressiveness approach to life allows me to gain strides in reaching goals….but also becomes a hinderance at times. I often want to know what will occur at the end of a chapter with what I am undertaking at present. This is true in all aspects of my life. In my career….I want to know when is my next promotion and become so fixated on that instead of just shining in my existing role. My children….I get so entrenched in making sure they are well-rounded with education and extra curriculars….as opposed to letting the lil sprouts just sprout on their own. As a recent divorcee….I want to know will I always be a divorcee or will I meet someone great and eventually re-marry. So instead of allowing me time to heal and enjoy my life as a single woman…I at times become a bit indulged in the dating life. In dating when meeting people….I often fast forward the moment to see whether we would be compatible long-term rather than enjoying the date and time we share at present. Yet, I realize I do not like nor want to be defined or categorized by others at the moment.

Providing direction to my flow is absolute….but enjoying the wave at present is paramount. I want to enjoy life without restrictions. Barriers that attempt to prevent me from enjoying life’s flow will be kicked down. So I will charge on with my motto: Let Life Flow!

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4 thoughts on “Let Life Flow!”

  1. You’ve got the right idea about letting it flow and enjoying your own company. I remember being single years ago and not having anything to do when my daughter went to a church youth group meeting about 20 miles from home, just far enough that I didn’t want to drive home and drive back. The first time, I wandered around a nearby dollar store – that got depressing after a while. The next time, I was tired and asked the youth group leader if I could take a nap upstairs in her studio, which was fine. It’s about taking care of self. Doing what ever feels comfortable or nurtures our spirits, while we love ourselves. As for me, I learned, after years of wondering and fretting, that when the time was right for the man of my dreams to come to me, it worked perfectly. God knew what I wanted/needed and worked it out. Best wishes to you!

    1. Thank you! I have to read this post every once and awhile to keep reminding me to Let Life Flow! And for the most part I have let it flow and enjoyed life.

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