Co-parenting Frustration #1

It is Veteran’s Day! Homage to the citizens that served our country. It is also the day that schools are out.

My plans are to go to work. I have a 9:00 am doctors appt. and have a 11:00 meeting. While at work my kids are to spend the day with their father. Based on out text messages he was suppose to arrive around 6:00 am this morning. I called him last night prior to going to asleep to confirm the time that we discussed earlier. No answer. I called him upon waking up around 5:00 am, his phone is off. So now I am fully dressed at 8:00 am set to go to work and cannot reach him. Do I panic, no because I believe he will arrive albeit late and there is always a grand explanation of how he lost his phone or left his charger in the city where he was watching the football game. This is normal routine. But in the end he will be there…. I have learned to pick my battles….I mean imagine not having the rush of wondering if I am going to make it to work on time or an emergency didn’t occur. Oh what a bore my life will be!

P.S he did arrive and is aware that I am posting this…. And is laughing and rolling his eyes at the same time.

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