Out and About


Weekend free from kids. Catch up on housework, do those tasks that have been on your never ending To Do list. But for some reason those tasks do not get checked off. Your home seems so quiet and destitute without the background laughter, screaming and cries. No basketball bouncing or dolls on the kitchen floor. I have to escape. So I am out and about. Embracing the joys of city life. I am set to mingle, enjoy good company of friends.
The evening awaits…time to dress up in my tube dress that has been hiding in my closet. Put my new ankle boots on and off I trot. New York City sleepless nights. It is hard to ignore the endless emails of various events in the city. Get out and mingle and revel in good music. My weekend free, who knows whom I might meet or not. Maximize my free time…break free of my momentarily silent ward. Out and about I go.

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