You Make Time For What You Want!

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When you are important to another person that person will always find a way to make time for you, no excuses, no lies, no broken promises.

I have a hectic schedule. I balance my career, motherly duties, kids schedules, gym, my blog and social time with friends….but I make time for those that I consider important to me. Family and friends. The same goes in the dating world, if there is an interest, I make time for that person. I allow time to get to know that person. I don’t expect much, but the same consideration in return. I accommodate, you accommodate. That is all I ask. Nothing more, nothing less. I admit, I am pretty tasked at time management…but also know that I do not manage my time well if I am apprehensive in performing a task or meeting someone.

I make time for what I want to do. If I know someone may have a regularly restrictive schedule, but I would like to see or get to know that person, I amend. I have a similar schedule and I expect the same in return. I believe everyone does what they want to do. Despite how chaotic your schedule is, if you really want to spend time or do something with someone, you will do it. If you care, it will show. If you love, it cannot be contained. Know your worth! And know that whomever you date that has a genuine interest will make time for you. Everyone makes time for what they want to do.

Since dating as a divorcee, I have met those that do show interest and make getting to know me a priority and I have also met those whom made a lackluster effort in spending quality time with me. The men that have not made a considerable effort, I beckon to their excuses, unpredictable work schedules..due to overtime, last-minute client meetings, emergencies and etc. Stuff happens, right? I have to give the gent the benefit of the doubt? As a reasonable person, I do, I always do! But eventually I feel played and hurt. Because this same gent whom just did not have time to get to know me, Kapow!  I am hit blind-sided because he is off the next day en route to Buenes Aires, Costa Rica or Cartagena with who knows, partying in Las Vegas or Philly with another chick by his side, or at a Kanye concert with a few friends that includes another woman, or spending his birthday with a group of friends at the same venue where I was hanging with a girlfriend…and the only reason he shared because I text the guy my whereabouts and he has to apologize because he was at the same venue but had a date with him and was being “considerate” and not disrespectful to me by having another woman in my face. Now mind you that was just a couple of weeks following his bike run for MS which I was a generous donor.  Whatever! In the end they always state that the “other woman” is never  someone serious. Just a close friend and yadayadayada. However, I deduce it as that gent choosing to spend those special moments with that person and not me. So I say screw the dudes that do not put forth the effort. Salute to the lovely gents that do. I now choose to spend time with men that are equally accomodating to me. Only those that make time and make me their number one option. In the end everyone makes time for what they want… including me!

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