AM Clarity: No New Friends?


Thanksgiving weekend to myself. Sans sprouts, cherish “Me” time. Unlike my last free weekend, I decided to lay low, catch up on personal matters, cater to myself. I am a bit worn from the New York social scene. Embracing my singleness at late night affairs is not as appealing when my status was freshly minted. Tired of meeting “new friends”, share a text or two then on to meet more “new friends”. The stickiness of these friendships are typically short-lived.

Woke up to a beautiful morning. During my 3-mile run alongside the New York City skyline, I reflect on my connections with “new friends” that have stuck around a bit and “old friends”.  I realize that some “old friends” that I began to doubt, are true at heart with their love for me and have my best interests in mind. The “new friends” which have the benefit of virtue until proven shamed, I have let shine in their “newness”.  The ‘new friends” now provide reason for me to pause on their sincerity. The song from hip hop rapper Drake resonates in my head “No New Friends, No New Friends.”  Shouldn’t you be open to new friendships or just stay comfortable with what you know “old friendships”? I say Yes you should be open, but proceed with caution. It doesn’t matter if you just met them randomly or reconnected with someone from your former years, that you didn’t really know that well then. Still use caution….but accept their eagerness in wanting to get to know you. Afterall, opening yourself to new experiences including meeting new people allows you to further explore this beautiful world and all of the wonderful personalities within.

I also realize to not close my doors on  “old friends” despite past differences. If you were able to persevere through past struggles and you revealed  your “inner crazy chick” …and they are still genuine and down for you…these friends are keepers. Nourish that friendship. As now you both can reflect and laugh at past quarrels. My favorite song from Girl Scouts rings in my head “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver but the other is gold.” This morning that phrase has never been more truer in my personal life. If you are a genuine friend to others, the true friends whether “new” or “old”, will be down and support you when it matters. Of course there are moments that friends will test you, compromise their judgment and not always be as forthcoming as you hope. But if they have genuine care ...the sincerity of their friendship will eventually surface. Patience is a gift. Like children, sometimes it takes awhile before others realize that you have their best interest at heart.  Be tolerant and let new friendships develop and continue to nurture and expand old friendships. True friends will stand the test of time.

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