Lamar Odom on Cheating- Blame it on the Homies

Reportedly Lamar Odom blamed his infidelity while married to Khloe Kardashian on his friends. Allegedly, his friends brought ladies around him according to TMZ. Citing “his friends are supporting me the wrong way by bringing girls around”. Says “Khloe brings out his bad side”


My Insights

Take accountability for your own actions. Yeah living the celebrity lifestyle there is plenty of temptation of women. Friends or no friends, women are always around. In the professional world, while maybe not as in abundance to Hollywood life….women flock to men who have their stuff together. Successful, career-minded men are a great catch…there is always some woman ready to replace their mate…especially when their men feels under appreciated. Same is true for women that have it going on.

Relationships are difficult…infidelity is an easy outlet to mask the problems and lack of communication between you and your mate. Same is true for women that have it going on. Mistakes and missteps happen. Khloe brings out your bad side Lamar? Why because she actually cared for your well-being and told you the truth about yourself? Refer to blog post “Taming of the Shrew”. Your woman is supposed to call you out when you’re not being the best man you can be.

Lamar let’s be real….you have your own mind and can control the company that you keep. You choose how you spend your time. Hanging out brings trouble. It is what it is. Yes, your boys brought women around…but you choose to participate in the sexual acts. You are the enabler for keeping those same friends in your circle and not checking them on what type of friend you expect of them. If you didn’t want women around…speak up…or choose not to flock with that crowd. You are in control of what you do. Don’t blame it on the homies….own up to your cheating. C’mon you can do better than that. Save the pity story for someone else.

My insights on why people cheat is another blog post.

What are your thoughts? Should Lamar Get A Pass Because He Is About That Life?


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