Can A Marriage with No Sex Last? RHOA Cynthia Bailey Shares Her Experiences.


Photo Source: Life & Style Weekly

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey got personal with an interview with Life & Style Weekly. Apparently, her marriage has been under stress due to her diagnosis with fibroids (non-cancerous tumors developed in the uterus) two years ago. Her discomfort with her fibroids put a strain on their sex life. She tells Life & Style Weekly that at times in their marriage, three months would pass without sex. Her husband Peter Thomas also admits that had his wife not have undergone corrective surgery, the marriage would not have survived another year. He also reluctantly admits his pre-meditated plan to cheat on his wife. Taking a venture to Venezuela with his buddies. Gratefully, their marriage is healthy and intimacy is restored to previous levels prior to Cynthia’s ailment.

My Insights!

Marriage that lacks sex or is very infrequent strains the bond between the couple. When I refer to a marriage couple, I am referring to two adults that are physically and mentally healthy to engage in sexual intimacy. If a woman is not willing to please her husband and vice-versa when the other verbally expresses their desire to engage in intimacy, the marriage is heading for disaster. Your mate will begin to search for that intimate connection outside your marriage via internet, other media source or with another person. Now in their case, there was a medical ailment. While just as frustrating to the healthy spouse,  there should be consideration. Taking in account Cynthia’s discomfort, she compromised and endured the pain to ensure her mate was satisfied at least every three months. Now I know, many of you readers think that is too infrequent…three months is like eternity. When married with a family, sometimes once a month is all the time you can get due to work, family commitments and kids just wanting to always be in your bed. In their case there could be other ways to alleviate the situation, such as sharing intimacy in other ways than sexual intercourse.

When I was seeking a divorce, my ex-husband finally took me serious after a significant period went by with no sexual intimacy. He realized he needed to oblige my wishes and exit the marriage because his view was that as his wife that was part of my obligation to him and likewise. Once one of the most significant benefits of marriage (in his view) was removed he finally concurred and the divorce papers were filed.

What are your thoughts? Are you aware of any marriages sustained between a relatively young couple without sex? Could you stay in a marriage with no or very infrequent sexual encounters?

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