Auditioning For The Wifey Role? What Would You Put Up With?


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There has been much chatter over social media lately regarding personal opinions of recent decisions made by two women to stay with their uber-celebrity mates despite recent news of these men fathering love-children, referring to the Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade and Ludacris and girlfriend Eudoxie situations. Both women remain committed to their men despite their promiscuity missteps. There have been conflicting reports on whether there was an actual relationship hiatus when the offspring were conceived. These events bring to light the celebrity lifestyle of male rappers and professional basketball players. Is it possible for men who are pressured with such temptation from groupies to exhibit monogamy? The discussions and opinions on whether these two women (Gabby and Eudoxie) should stay or leave their mate are endless. It begs me to ask: To attain the “Wifey” role with someone should you have to put up with all of that? Would a Man “Put a Ring On It” if I also took a brief break and became impregnated by my “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass” Sidepiece? I think not.


Photo Source: Instagram: Gabrielle Union’s engagement ring

When speaking to male friends, there is this expectation they have of us women, whether they are ready to be in a committed relationship with you or not. As a woman, to be taken serious as “wifey material”  you must possess certain womanly qualities. Men do not want you out in the streets and up in the club all hours of the night. Yet, become irritated if you question their male bonding time while turned up with the fellas where beautiful women that are seeking male prospects frequent. They want that “Ride or Die” chick, a woman that glorifies their achievements but tolerates their imperfections. However, how much imperfection should a woman tolerate? Refer to my blog post “Ride or Die Chick from a Divorcee Perspective“. If a man is successful in his career, attains a certain level of social status, does that give him a free pass of not having to prove his worth to his mate? Do we override his promiscuity, selfishness, sense of entitlement and insensitivity to our needs and wants unless it is convenient for him? Why do many men feel they are analyzing the prospects for the “Wifey” title and not auditioning for the “Hubby” role themselves? Maybe it is because we put so much power on having to wait for the man proposing to us, and not having the ball in our court and doing the proposing to someone we deem worthy. Now when I make this reference…I am not referring to all gents…but the men that overshadow the gents that still believe in the game of pursuit, wooing and spoiling their chick in efforts to gain her heart.

Have we as women, made it so easy for men to take us for granted, especially if they have a few assets and clout….because they know we would put up with it to attain that “Wifey” status? Why is Gabby and Eudoxie standing by their man after a lovechild such headline news, when it seems to be the norm in today’s society? Media and entertainment is telling us we should just tolerate more….as it is so easy for men to attain their pleasures they seek from a woman, without “putting a ring on it”.

I am for taking a break from a relationship when two people are not ready, stuff happens. I am a proponent of enduring life’s challenges for the sake of love; providing my mate and I are on the same page. Everyone has their own limits/ deal breakers when it comes to their own relationships. However, do we as women lower our standards in fear of losing our man and risking the possibility of not attaining or keeping that ring?

What are your thoughts? What Would you Tolerate From Your Mate, in Hopes for Him to Put a Ring On It?

3 thoughts on “Auditioning For The Wifey Role? What Would You Put Up With?”

  1. I think women have lowered their standards significantly. From my own viewpoint and things I have witnessed and gone through, we tend to develop blind eyes in the hopes of not being left alone. so we have given men the pass to mistreat, cheat and abuse because somewhere we stopped valuing ourselves. don’t get me wrong I’m not saying ok one mistake and your out of here or I would have been in countless relationships. what I am saying though if this is a constant repeat why are you staying.? you forgave one time and you worked through that. but that does not give you the pass to keep it going. ultimately what is being said I can do whatever I want and she will still be right there. if the shoe was reversed men are smart creatures and they would leave and seek something else. why? because men value themselves and will not be walked on. until women step up and rewrite the book we will always fall short and always ask the question….. why????

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