Life As A Super Single Mom- Not Always Easy!

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The Super single-mom is the sole-household provider, multi-task expert, nutritionist and culturally enriching role-model to her children. The Super single-mom handles the bills, grocery lists, homework, transporting and cleaning. She smiles and encourages her children to aspire and attain their many desires in life. The single-mom wakes up early lays out her children’s school clothes, packs their lunches and fits herself in her work-dress. She proceeds to drop her children off to school and make her call-in time at work. This is despite mini-emergencies of spilled milk on the children’s clean and crisp school clothes, nose bleeds and scrapes from a fall.

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Throughout her day  she handles her work demands attentively. Her brief downtime during the day is used to coordinate kids pick-up, scheduling of doctors appointments and after-school activities. All of this is handled between meetings, phone calls and getting that end-of day deliverable on her boss’s desk. The super single mother leaves work exhausted but ready to start her second shift as the caretaker to her children. Her reflection of stresses from the day and life struggles are short-lived as she suddenly is overwhelmed with glees and demands from her children upon walking into her home. Simultaneous requests are received from her children. One wants to play a board game and the other needs help with homework. Then the cried for hunger begin. Aiming to tend to her children wants is then interrupted by the dissatisfaction of her well- thought-out healthy meal to her children’s preferences for snacks. Her downtime to herself is limited. Yet, while not much time to pamper herself before bed, she wakes up and begins the entire routine the next day.

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She is the backbone of her household. While exhausted, physically and emotionally drained, she carries on. Her children keep her strong. Some days she just wants to sleep in, play hooky and avoid the office politics…yet she is reminded of her children’s welfare. At times, she just wants to close the door to her room and plop on her bed, yet she greets her children’s requests with a smile.

She looks at her effort, and wonders if the days will improve. She has only two arms, two legs and one brain. Yet she manages to get everything done all by herself. Her labor is not always appreciated. There is always someone telling her how to be a better employer, money-manager, mother, daughter and friend. Rarely is there someone who shows appreciation for her diligence, strength, selflessness, unconditional love, commitment and consistency. It is expected of her to execute and maintain a pleasant disposition. God forbid if her spirit cracks or she does not have the answer to everything. There is always someone pointing  out her flaws but no one to shower her with appreciation for holding it down each and every day and being the Super Single Mom she is.

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Kudos to the Super Single Mommies out there. While we wear our cape deservingly….it is not always easy. From one single mommy to another. I admire your perseverance, strength and aim to always think in the best interest of your children.


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