Fl. Woman Going Through Bitter Divorce Kills Herself and Her Two Kids! Warning Email Sent to Father- My Insights!

According to New York Daily News, it was reported that a Florida mother and ex-wife shot herself and her two teenage children a month after her divorce. She sent an email to the father saying she did her best for the family and another to a relative stating her intentions of killing herself and her two talented children. She was going through financial woes, her house was foreclosed and she recently sold her father’s watch to buy clothes and food for the children. Apparently, the father was not helping with any financial support towards her and the children. The father is a prominent realtor selling million dollar homes.


See the full article at the following link.


My Insights!

This is truly disturbing. Divorce and financial woes combined can bring insurmountable pain. Learning to adjust as a single mother trying to provide the best for your children and manage the same household expenses but with less income can be overwhelming. But many divorcees do this, we cope and manage. But for some, it becomes unbearable. There is no excuse for such a horrific act. When life becomes too overwhelming, seek out help, speak to someone before it is too late. My heart goes out to the family and extended family and friends. God bless their souls!

One thought on “Fl. Woman Going Through Bitter Divorce Kills Herself and Her Two Kids! Warning Email Sent to Father- My Insights!”

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