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Cuffin Season, the track on the popular Soul Tape 3 mix tape by rapper Fabolous is blowing the airwaves. It has a beat that demands a head sway, the lyrics are insightful from a man’s point of view, with some convoluted truth, in my opinion. In fact, the lyrics are becoming the new anthem of every male captivated in the  urban, hip hop, social media, clubbing generation where the catch phrase “Turnt Up” is part of the regular vocabulary during a weekend soiree. It epitomizes the importance social media has placed in our everyday lives. The lyrics are directed at so-called attention-hungry women who have partied at all types of social venues throughout the summer, deemed popular through radio airwaves. Rappers and singers have mentioned these places in their lyrics as these are the spots they and famous deejays frequent.  He states these women have enjoyed their summer immensely at spots such as mega club LIV, popular strip club King of Diamonds (KOD), Upper Manhattan north of Harlem La Marina club/restaurant and a few others. These women are dressed up in their summer best (mini-skirts, bikinis, leggings and etc.) with the desire of attention. Then the women post “selfies” and “groupies”  with their BFFs on the popular social media site Instagram, with the catch phrase “Turnt Up”. Demonstrating false pretenses of a “baller” lifestyle when in reality they are living pay check to pay check.  However, now the weather is beginning to cool, these same women are calling to now spend time with him (Fabolous). The women would lile tp engage in some “Boo time”  cuddling in front of the television.

The Fall/Winter season where men now seek comfort and solace from a woman is termed in the hip-hop urban community as “Cuffing Season”. This is following their whole summer spent out with their boys at barbeques, day parties, social night clubs, exotic vacations where their  “woman” was out of sight or they just conveniently became single for the summer fare.

My Rebuttal:

While listening to this track, I agree partly with what Fabolous is saying….but his point of view does not apply to all women. There are some women whose intentions are ill-willed. These women are at these social venues, looking for a baller, someone to take care of them, “Gold digger” . There also women that are attention-starved and are pressed to just be up under any guy. Some women do pose and show off their assets to gain attention from strangers on social media to lift their self-esteem. Some women when the fall approaches are just gravitating to any guy, just to be taken care of, out of desperation. So, I get it Fabolous, why cuff her up and spend cuddle time? There are other women that are more worthy.

However, there are also women who are good-hearted with only pure intentions. Maybe prior to the summer, they were holding it down for their man and tried to plan quality vacation time during the summer. But, all of a sudden their man’s manner changes. His summer is booked with trips with the boys to summer getaways such as Cancun Jumpoff Weekend, Jamaica Dream Weekend, going to all of the spots that Fabolous mentioned in his track while in Miami, Las Vegas, and New York. Also when he is local, time is spent at day parties, outdoor concerts, happy hours and speakeasies sans his girl. Does his woman just sit on the porch and watch the sunset day in and day out. Maybe go to the beach with friends and a dinner or two and just watch the summer pass her by? Her man is not engaging in any quality time with her during the summer months?

Of course not, that vacation that she was trying to coordinate, plan with her man or include her man and his people with her girlfriends, now becomes a girls only trip. Her man was too busy pressed to ogle at new women in their sexy summer get-up than spend time with her. So yes, you decide to vacay with the girls, this is a great idea after all. You enjoy the spa, sun tanning, and dining. However, later in the eve the dancing bug gets to you all….so you set out to experience the night life. The whole girl crew enjoy dancing to the beats and are feeling the spirits. Why not? You are dressed in your best and are enjoying your time with your girlfriends. As a woman, we want to spoil ourselves from time to time. Sometimes, when your man is not available by choice or not, you like to have good times as well.

Every woman and man likes to receive complements, who doesn’t? Not that you are seeking attention, but you do take a few snapshots of yourself and your girls during your eve out. You all look hot! It is not that often you get dressed up and accent your best qualities. You are away on vacation from the daily grind. So you share your lovely pics on Instagram, not because you are in desperation for attention but it is a great picture of you, so why not share with your friends. You also enjoy the local summer venues with friends, no sense sitting at home twiddling your thumbs while your man is just out and about. Maybe while out, a handsome man does approach you, which eventually leads to a few dates. Why should Fabolous be mad or any man at that matter? They chose to spend their time vacationing away from you where single young women frequent over couple getaway time.

Now the summer has ended, the man starts looking at his woman he dumped for the summer sideways about how she chose to spend her time. Why, she reached out to you all summer?  This is the woman you did not appreciate before Memorial Day. But because she still has love for you she still tries to keep in touch and hopes to spend quality time. She figures that maybe your partying ways are now coming to a stall. As a man, you can’t put your nose up because she tried to make the best of her summer without you. You are lucky, that the gents that tried to steal her heart away from you were unsuccessful. She hopes you will finally have time for her. She accepted your partying ways and hopes to give you another chance. She is optimistic that you finally will get it this cuffing season. She anticipates that next summer your plans will incorporate more time with her. Maybe, there will be a balance between the vacations with the fellas and the getaways with your woman. After your summer long freak-fest you should be grateful that someone would want to put up with you. Those sexy ladies you met all summer long are distances away or coming at you with their ill-intentions.

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