Kevin Hart’s Post-Divorce Life to Pilot as Comedy on ABC

Kevin Hart is in the works of creating a half hour semi-autobiographical comedy based around Hart’s life post-divorce.010313-shows-real-husbands-hollywood-rhoh-press-kevin-hart-2

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

ABC is adding to its comedy pilot pickups, handing out a cast-contingent order to a semi-autobiographical comedy based on the life of Kevin Hart.

The show will follow a couple who is trying to get along after their breakup for the sake of their kids, with a definite comedic twist. Kevin Hart will produce the show and will not be in the show. The project is being fronted by Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan, formerly the executive producers of NBC’s Community, and they will write the script for the pilot.

Wow! This is amazing. Congratulations to Kevin Hart. This sounds similar to my co-parenting existence. I am definitely looking forward to the show. I am  beyond ecstatic. Media outlets are starting to bring attention to the public of  life after divorce…the excursion of co-parenting with your ex-spouse and journey to a  fulfilled divorced life. The life-style of single-parenthood, co-parenting is starting to be part of the norm in society. It is great that there will be a show to highlight the positivity that can come from children being raised in a non-traditional household…when two parents while not in a relationship can come together and cooperate for the sake of the children. This show depicts part of the ideologies of what my blog is about: streamlining the divorce process, positive co-parenting experiences, finding happiness within, getting back out in the dating world as a divorcee and sharing my relationship experiences to prevent duplicity in mistakes. But of course thoughts and experiences immersed with jocularity and positivity.

Hart celebrated the news on his Instagram Thursday night, saying the following:

Major thank you to ABC for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime as a producer. I’m beyond excited about this…we still got a lot of hard work to do but this puts us one step closer to my goal!!!! #Motivation#HardWorkDedication #ComedicRockstar


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