On celebrating Valentine’s Day as a Single Mom

Thought this was to the point. Happy Valentine’s Day to the Single Mommies!

Cookies and Confessions

Valentine's post

I get it. This is the year’s most romantic holiday and you are celebrating alone. But, let’s face it.

We’re never alone!

We have our beautiful children. And, if this holiday is all about celebrating love, what greater love is there on earth than a mother’s love for her children? Not much. Actually, I think it’s the most powerful love I’ve ever felt between two people. It takes a lot of love to still enjoy being with our children after a day when they have destroyed the house, whined, and have decided to take a shower in the dog’s water bowl using a ramekin (well, maybe this is something only my child has done… Ha!).

So, there are several ways that we can have can have an awesome Valentine’s day with our kids.

1) Make your own Valentine’s day cards

Apparently, back before you could buy cards premade at the…

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