Tyrese Denied Visitation With Daughter! Really?

According to U.S. Weekly, Tyrese Gibson’s ex-wife Norma Gibson denies visitation with his six-year-old daughter Shayla. His ex-wife denied him a court custodial order on Feb. 11, 2014 when he arrived to pick up his daughter. Tyrese called the police and his ex-wife called TMZ. The couple have been divorced since 2009. According to his rep, this is not the first time he has been denied visitation and it has been an ongoing saga.

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My Insights!

This saddens me. All Baby-Mommas and Baby-Fathers, keep all disagreements between the two of you. Please do not use your children to punish your Ex. When you forbid your Ex from cultivating a relationship with his or her children, you are only hurting the sprouts. If the court has set a visitation schedule, why not adhere to it. I really doubt Tyrese is a threat to his own daughter. Lately, Tyrese has been shining in a positive light in the media. He has published a new book “Manology- Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed” with Reverend Run from hip-hop classic rap group RUN DMC and recently tweeted relationship advice addressing why the smart single women are without a man as opposed to the scandalous women who always have a “Boo”.

Despite any disagreements that may arise between my kids father, we have a visitation schedule that is set. I would never strain the relationship my kiddies have with their father because I may be angry with him. Even when we do have disagreement I do not deliberately slander his name or character in front of them. While I am fortunate to have an amicable relationship with their father, I know there are many out there with tense baby daddy and baby mommy situations. Maybe a father is not adequately supporting their child or maybe the mother is still bitter because their man left them for another woman. Yes, all relationships do not always end on a positive note. But taking on the role of a mother and father, you agree to love your children unconditionally. Unconditional love also means that you should not let your personal feelings towards your Ex prohibit your child from having an opportunity to have a healthy relationship with the other parent.

I know sometimes as a single mother, we think we are invincible and can take over the world, including raising your children. But no matter how knowledgeable, smart and loving I may thin I am…I cannot replace my sprouts father’s love and influence on my son and daughter’s life. The same goes for my kiddies Super-Dad too. And it goes the same for any single-parent household who is fortunate to have a father or mother who are willing to be an active participant in their childrens’ life.

I hope Tyrese’s Ex gets her act together for the sake of their daughter!

What Are Your Thoughts? Should Drama With Your Ex Get In The Way Of Your Children’s Relationship With The Other Parent?

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