Sometimes It Is Not Holding On That Provides Strength, But Letting Go!

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Some people think that it’s holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it’s letting go.

-Herman Hesse

Letting go of people  in your life that do not uplift or benefit you but deflate your spirit despite shared history is a sign of strength. You  may feel at times you may owe it to the person or the connection each of you share with each other to hold on, ride the rough patch out. But sometimes that rough patch is too rugged that it stifles your own personal growth. It is not worth mending, or you are the only one trying to smooth and buffer the situation and/or relationship. Let it go! How can you move forward into the new and discover the greatness you deserve if you have not let go of the damaged goods.

Sometimes letting go, also showcases if something was really there in the first place. The other person taking the other one for granted may recognize this and decides to put forth the effort in mending, smoothing and buffering.  Unfortunately, though at times it maybe too late. The other person may have moved forward and is living a fulfilling life with no need for interruption.

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Embrace your inner strength, move forward and let go! Let Life Flow! YOLO!


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