Tyler Perry’s “The Single Mom’s Club” My Insights!

Yesterday was the premiere opening of Tyler Perry’s “The Single Mom’s Club”. All month I have been eagerly anticipating in seeing this movie. Afterall the movie epitomizes my current life situation raising children as a single mother.


The movie highlights the struggles and joys of five women from different lifestyles, socioeconomic status, ethnicity and outcomes of how they arrived at living as a single parent. The common thread that bonds these women together is surviving and enduring the challenges of life as a single mom. The movie stars Nia Long who plays Mya, the writer who is raising her son by herself and deals with the struggles of raising and explaining the actions of her son’s absentee father. It  also stars Amy Smart who plays Hilary who is newly divorced and overwhelmed with raising her children. Then there is Jane, played by Wendi McLendon-Covey, her character struggles with moving up the corporate ladder and juggling raising her ill-behaved daughter conceived from a sperm donor. The character Esparanza played by Zulay Henao is at a crossroads of introducing her existing boyfriend to the public and her daughter as she is bounded by the financial support of her ex-husband who incessantly controls her future happiness by his threats of cutting off his support. Lastly, there is Lytia played by Cocoa Brown, she is a single-mother of five that struggles financially. All of the women have at least one of their children attending an exclusive and expensive school, either self-funded or on scholarship. The mothers are forced to work together to organize a school fundraiser in lieu of their children facing expulsion for bad behavior at their exclusive school.


The movie was absolutely entertaining.  I was captivated in my theater seat the entire time. All scenarios played by the mother’s was relatable to my strife and journey as a happily divorcee. There was raw emotion which was heartfelt to my personal struggles.  Additionally, the comedy was surreal, I caught myself laughing a bit too loud in the theater a few times. I recommend any single mother despite your circumstance to watch this movie. It provides a real picture of what life is like raising children and dealing with life’s challenges as a single mom. The movie highlights the overwhelming experience of the mother being the main backbone in your children’s life. Movie also brings to surface of dealing with children’s questions, curiosities and disappointments and taking the fault for their discontent. The excitement and challenges of dating as a single mother are also highlighted.


I was also able to relate in particular to the Jane character’s situation at her job. While my job has a mix of successful women and men that have a family, I have faced scrutiny in regards to my dedication to my role since going through the emotional rollercoaster of being a divorced and now single mother. Jane is torn between putting more hours at work and tending to her motherly duties. As I am on the heels of encountering a promotion within a year, I am expected to prove myself by going above and beyond my normal work duties. There is questioning if I am able to cope. Personally, I am aware that I am now not always the first person nor the last person at the office, I have constant day appointments that are not equally shared by their father and  my focus has lacked as a result of the personal stresses of a divorcee. I empathized with the movie’s depiction of Jane’s character. In fact, I related to all of the characters in the movie.

I was overly impressed by the bond of these women, how their differences  were overshadowed by the common link of the strife of a single mom. I think Tyler Perry hit this movie on the nail. While there were some parts, particularly the corporate office scenes I felt slightly overstretched reality, overall two thumbs up to the “The Single Mom’s Club”. I urge all of my followers that are parents, single-parents, those who were raised by single parents and aspiring parents to go out and see this movie. Excellent job Tyler Perry!

For Those That Have Seen The Movie or Plan To See It. I Would Like To Hear Your Insights!

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