Easter Fun With The Sprouts!





I must say Easter turned out to be a fantastic day. The sprouts and I went to our church, the kiddies starred in the Easter Play. Service followed with an Easter Egg Hunt. My weren’t the kiddies adorable this day. My favorite part is seeing them in their Easter Best! While this was my free weekend, I made sure that I was not missed or they missed out on their Easter festivities. Especially, if I am the only one celebrating the holidays in our inter-religious co-parenting arrangement. The day ended with a  late brunch in Harlem New York. Their father joined us and we had a great co-parenting meal. I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter Day!

10277017_10202920512885298_4586022207662854022_n (2)


10174925_10202920513925324_56454686037747575_n (2)


photo 1 Easter (1)Photo 2 Easterphoto 3photoEaster 4

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