America’s Perpetual Bachelor-George Clooney is Engaged? Say What?


According to, George Clooney is retiring from the bachelor life. George Clooney and girlfriend, accomplished British attorney Amal Alamuddin are engaged. Sources confirmed that the pair were spotted with friends where Amal was sporting a pretty nice rock on her left ring finger. Amal is 36 years old and George is 52 years old.

Amal is a stark contrast to some of the women George has previously dated. Principally, she is not in the acting or entertainment field at all. Amal is a well-respected attorney that specializes in international law and human rights, she is fluent in three languages and is a citizen of the world. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, studied law at Oxford University and New York University. While she is considered a sex symbol throughout the barrister community, noted as one of London’s hottest barrister (lawyer), she is not known for her curvaceous figure on the Sports Illustrated magazine or on the cinema screen.


My Insights!

Kudos to George Clooney for finally finding a woman that he believes will be a wonderful addition to his life. I must say I was a bit surprised by the news. I really did think George would just have a series of girlfriends, but would ultimately never tie the knot. Maybe he was always on the search, but the women in his life never made the cut. I am proud of his choice. Amal is beautiful, smart, classy and seems well-versed in international subjects.

Now, I will also say is that so many aspiring perpetual bachelors viewed George as their idol. Who are these men going to look up to now? While maybe it took George until he reached 52 years young to finally settle down, but even he decided to turn in his player card.  Who will take George’s title?

Is 50 the new age for men to finally be ready and settle down? This question takes pause. I have begun to accept early 40-something, but is it 50? I guess depending on one’s lifestyle and aspirations. Well, I will say in my personal experience the few late 30 something early 40 somethings in metropolitan New York City are not quite ready to settle down in any kind of way. Well the thoughts are beginning to sink in their brain, but actively seeking and making it a reality has not yet kicked them in the butt.

At my kids extracurricular activities and school, I am surrounded by parents that have the age demographics of George and Amal. So I will say this is an increasingly popular epidemic. Enjoying life single as long as possible before getting hitched.

I wish much success to George and Amal. However, it will become a true reality once the wedding date is set.

What Are Your Thoughts! Do You Think George and Amal Will Last?


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