Being A Mom Is The Best Reward In Life! Happy Mother’s Day from Your Happily Divorcee!

Mother’s Day is the most important holiday for myself. This is the day that I reflect on how I brought two beautiful souls into this world and how they’re happiness and well-being trumps my own desires and needs.

Reflecting on life’s journey up to today, everything is worth it as I wake up to my children cheerful greetings of Happy Mother’s Day and Birthday wishes. It is my birthday today as well.

I will spend the day with my sprouts enjoying the lovely New York weather. Possibly have brunch and share in mani and pedis with my youngest. Then I am off to a self-indulgent official “Divorcee” vacay on Monday morning. The Me, Myself and I vacay to Cancun for three plus days. Relaxation and fitness will be the mantra.  Then I will return scoop up the sprouts and embark on our first official family vacay together as a divorcee.  The kids and I will be embraced in all of the fancies of Disney. Florida bound, then Bahamas bound via the Disney Magic Cruise boat. With the finale at Magic Kingdom.

I am blessed and look forward to the next week and a half. This vacation means more than just a retreat, a break from the daily grind, annual time spent with family. Almost a year from when the divorce was marked final, I have endured personal challenges coping, searching for the happy medium as a single mother, unattached woman and independent career lady. This retreat is a testament that despite all the balls thrown at me, I persevered. My strength has allowed me to keep it moving and my children have not missed a beat on receiving the childhood that they deserve.

Yes, I am single mother, divorcee, baby mama, upper 30-something unwed woman, swayed a bit by adjusting financially post-divorce, my vulnerability and optimism in search for love taken advantage of in the complicated dating life of New York City….but I am still pushing forward with a smile and re-charged optimism.

I would not change my situation for the world. I live for sprouts and despite the whines and bickering at times, I am blessed they are in my world.


Happy Mother’s Day my fellow Mommies! And Happy Birthday To Me!!!


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