Is Cuffing Season Over: Summer Love or Summer Fun?

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Summer is approaching. The sun is out and the days are longer. People are out and about in sundresses, swim wear, Oxford’s, khaki shirts and loose tanks that accent their well-toned features. benefiting from hours of gym time during the winter solstice. Calendars begin to fill with BBQs, beach fun, oversea excursions, boat parties, rooftop soirees and day parties. Temptation is aplenty.

The dilemma…..should you continue to kick it with your winter boo or push him or her to the side and enjoy all of the summer offerings without a conscience?

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Pro Summer Fun!

You will not be missed by your single crew, your right-wing man or BFF that is always game for a great time. Availability without a curfew, there are no restrictions to prevent you from meeting new attractions, You can be on your worst behavior without pause. Single in the summer, isn’t that the premiere choice? Your crew is there with open arms and a keg or a bottle of champagne to help you toast to awesome summer moments. The cabin fever is real…and you are ready to put that brutal winter behind you solo.

Linens are pressed, crew shirts are purchased, sandals are out and bikinis are paired with your designer sunglasses.  You are optimistic of the good times that will be shared, new people that you will meet during the summer season.




Team Summer Love!

That winter love connection was real. Bonds were created during your nights by the fireplace, watching movies, confined at the crib by the endless snow. The weather is now superb, and your crew is inquiring on your whereabouts. You have that itch to reconnect with the turn-up gang but not willing to leave your mate astray.  Keep the dime or meet new flashy coins that may only be pennies in the end? Good times now, lonely nights later when the leaves begin to turn colors.

Solidify that winter bond with walks in the park, attendance to all the enticing summer BBQs with a plus one.  Weekend Caribbean getaways and romantic boat rides replace the festival getaways and yacht parties with the crew. Or better yet, bring your snow honey/ beau to the festival getaways and yacht parties. Who says you can’t have just an awesome time with your mate?

All about compromise!

Now who said that you can’t have best of both worlds? Why not? Can’t you have a ball with your fellas or girls and carve out time with your winter boo?  Or not? Maybe your moods and status change with the seasons. You are attached during the fall and winter and single during the spring and summer.

What are you about this summer? Summer Fun or Summer Love?


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