J-Lo Dumps Boyfriend Casper?!?

There are alleged rumors that  44 year-old Jennifer Lopez  has dumped her boyfriend of two and a half years 27 year-old dancer Casper. This follows news that her boyfriend has been exposed of flirting with two transsexual models via Instagram.


While it has not yet been confirmed, she was spotted solo during her recent concert just days ago in Bronx, New York.

There are also rumors according to Bossip.com that the couple split about two months ago and has nothing to do with the alleged flirting or affair. IB Times, TMZ and Fox News have also reported the alleged split.

The two became a couple four months after her split with ex-husband Marc Anthony. When the relationship was first known, there were accusations that her much younger boyfriend was gay.

My Insights!

I always thought the two made an odd pair. But hey love has no shape or form.  If the two did split, how long do you think J-Lo will remain single?

She has admitted her addiction of being in a relationship. She is never without a man. All we can do is wait and see.

I will say she seems happy as she promotes her 10th album AKA, whether single or not. Break-ups are never easy.

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