Happy Father’s Day To My Babies Daddy!

Now yes, I chose the controversial word “Baby Daddy”, that has become popular through urban culture over the past couple of decades. While people may prefer me to say the “Father of My Children”, I will admit “Baby Daddy” is catchy and easier to roll off my tongue. And, the two references in my opinion have equal meaning. If I refer to my kid’s father as “Baby Daddy” that means I consider you family and you know there is much love. I keep the politically correct terms for corporate culture and arm-distance acquaintances.


I am blessed to have two bright, healthy and lovable sprouts. And despite how a phenomenal mother I aspire and sometimes claim to be. The two meat-heads would not be here and be who they are today without their father. He has been instrumental in their upbringing. And I cannot deny his unconditional love and support for his children.


While we have our differences, it is awesome that we are able to co-exist in our children’s lives and provide the love and support system for our sprouts to thrive. He is a hands-on father and actively participates in their school, sports and other extra-curricular events. He is there catering to them when they are sick and ensuring the kids have healthy diets. I and my children are blessed that they have a healthy and active father in their lives.

portrait of a father with his son (10-14) and daughter (8-10)

So despite my fussing and nagging that happens 364 days of the year,  of how he could be a better father, helper, provider and so on. Today is the day that I reflect on what he does do and how he contributes to our children’s lives. I acknowledge that he is a pretty awesome father, and my children think he is awesome too.

Happy Father’s Day To My Babies Daddy and to all the Fathers out there that play an instrumental role in their Sprouts lives.


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