“Why Wait A Lifetime With One Person You Can Find In A Moment With Another?

“What we wait around a lifetime for with one person, we can find in a moment with someone else.”
― Stephanie Klein, Straight Up and Dirty: A Memoir


Seize the day! Rid yourself of non-contributing baggage! There are a fish of potential mates in this world…why wait around for someone that does not want to cooperate? I am a true believer of finding a Soul Mate–but also have learned that it is also about Timing!

The person you may desire to be with may share common interests and have the same deep love for you….but if he or she is not able nor willing to be the mate you need and deserve in your life. Drift Away!

There is another Soul Mate out there that will match your timing of current needs and desires. That instant click of chemistry with another is only a few steps away from comfortability with your known present. The fear of the unknown inhibits us from breaking free and capturing that bliss with a new acquaintance.

I Would Love To Hear Stories Where You Broke Away From The Familiar That Was Not Empowering Your Being and Found The Love You Deserve With Another! So I Can Share With My Readers! Please Comment To This Post or Send Anonymously Under The “My Insights! Contact Me! page.


2 thoughts on ““Why Wait A Lifetime With One Person You Can Find In A Moment With Another?”

  1. I had two unhealthy rebound relationships after my 20 year marriage ended. Then after 5 years of celibacy and learning to love me, my high school sweetheart came back when the time was right. (We’re writing a book about it.) We know God had this planned for us. We just had to become ready.Thanks for following my blog. I’m looking forward to reading more of your intelligent and inspiring posts!

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