I Own Up To My Actions!

My previous post yesterday  ruffled a few feathers on the family front.  I own up to my actions and as a blogger that has chosen to share my experiences and insights on relationships I share the positive and negative. Sometimes people don’t realize how insensitive they can be until  the scenario is written and read by them.


My apologies to the offended! But, I truly felt I was the victim in that scenario. I am divorced and like every person who has gone through a divorce there are times of disagreement with your ex-spouse on child custodial support, finances, lack of communication and everything else under the kitchen sink. Does it discount that my sprout’s father is a awesome father? No! Could he be a better father? Sure! But I also can be a more nurturing mother. I can ease off on my tough-love approach. I can cook and clean more often, increase my reading to the kids, explore local interests more, work less hours. I have an endless list. No one is perfect, including me.

I will say though, my voice was heard and we were able to come up with an amicable resolution. My point was made.

I am a blogger by choice. While my ex-husband has no say on my decisions, he is aware of my blog. And he is supportive of my dream and vision for my blog. While I share my tales of life as a divorcee, trials and tribulations and my disagreements through marriage and post-marriage, I do not disrespect him.

Anyone in my circle including “potentials” and “past-potentials/ friends” are also aware and have full knowledge that I share my dating chronicles and views via my blog and may read an article from time to time.

I call a Spade a Spade. I speak my voice and share my opinions. Everyone remains anonymous. There are no names that are shared. There is nothing I share here, that I do not express to someone in person. I have been fortunate, that the people who have walked in my life get my sense of humor and respect or entertained by my opinion.

Yes, I am not always right….but I always play fair. I own up to my actions!


2 thoughts on “I Own Up To My Actions!”

  1. I agree. Other people can easily start their own (free) blog to discuss issues from their POV. Your experiences/feelings are your own and you have a right to express them, as long as you’re not libelling anyone. I had an ex-roommate freak out at my blog once because I told the truth about her. But I also called her a b*tch, which was opinion of course, though never used her full name. No one who knew her would have read what I said. But she begged me to take down the posts, so I did. I’m still annoyed about that! 🙂

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