Sitting At A Bar Alone- The Ritual Of A Divorcee

Weekday evenings are typical of me dropping at a local hot spot alone. The babysitter is with the kids. When unable to fill time with friends or a possible date and my workload is light. This is my ritual. I don’t relieve the sitter until at least 8 pm. I completed my workout during lunch break so what do I do to fill that gap time? Why it may seem like… Wow! How depressing. It really isn’t I meet various characters from intellects, entrepreneurs, business folk who are all enjoying the last few hours from a long stressful work day. However, there are moments that I do wish I had someone to shed my workday drama to someone. But I do not allow that to creep inside because I am fortunate that I do have a sitter to allow for downtime.

In just a few weeks I will alleviate this privilege. My children are becoming older and now there will be a one- stop shop to pick up the sprouts. No more two pick ups which I cannot achieve on my own. No more daycare. I am relieved and look forward to spending extra time with my sprouts. No minimum hours my sitter is required to work for her to still be employed by me.. And me trying to entertain the extra time as I wait for the clock to reach time with my sprouts. I will however miss this “Me” time that I can spend regrouping on my next strategy and out takes of the day.

Now that I have come full circle into my being I no longer require an everyday release. I am happy in my own skin and no longer wonder if I will meet the next Mr. Wonderful. That time spent alone catching up on social media and emails will now be with assisting my kids to thrive into being great beings.

So Adios to the daily weekly ritual. The career woman who has sitters to feed and entertain their children. As I am fully taking the act now upon myself. That ritual will no longer exist. And I welcome the change.


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