Dating Advice From A Man To Help You Rock Your First Date!


Here what guest blogger Patrick Banks who provides love and dating tips at Wingman Magazine.

Women are so hard to understand because they over analyze things. Women often think of simple issues as the worst case scenario and that’s why it is so hard to win a battle with you. Although you may be the most complicated beings, you are also so charming and pretty that a normal, warm-blooded male would want to have a mate to be with at some point in their life.


Some women are especially fortunate when it comes to men and befriending us as well as establishing a sexual relationship is not something to sweat about.  There are also some women who are not necessarily less attractive, but they aren’t that skilled in making a good impression, so keeping a man interested in them causes more troubles.

If this sounds like you; that it’s quite easy for you to be asked out for dinner but later he doesn’t call you back, this is the article for you. If you get the chance to be asked out on a second date, be sure to dance to the right beat and have him dance with you until the music stops.

Show him your confident side

Some of your experiences when you went out with a man weren’t a success because you didn’t show him who you really are. It’s commonly said that emotional intelligence is not the strongest male quality, but we definitely notice some things. An interested man can read through your actions, so if your behavior is uncertain, it will probably turn him off. We love confident women who know their value without showing off at the same time.

Never stress before a date. When you tell yourself that the man you are on a date with is ‘out of your league’ and you obsessively analyze your every move, it will show! Since a handsome and smart man has asked you out, then he is definitely interested. Forget about your insecurities and be confident. Men rarely beat around the bush, so if he is meeting you it means that he truly wants you!

Let him know that you have that spark

Men are just waiting for the signals of your attraction. If you are distant, he’ll begin to believe that you are not interested in getting to know him and you don’t really like him.

Remember about “chemistry”. Nothing blows up inside the lab unless two substances are mixed, and relationships don’t end start unless there is some chemistry shown. Learn to build sexual tension between him and you. I don’t mean be provocative and show all your cards on a first date, but definitely be a bit flirtatious if you like him! You’ll have a better chance to develop sexual tension  and make him fall for you if you apply some female tricks.

Not everything should be spoken because sometimes, body language works better. Talk with your eyes, speak using your hands and convince using smiles, laugh when he says something witty. Begin with your magical touch and let him know that you have that sparkStart sending those female signs by flirtatiously touching your hair from time to time. You can even touch the tips of his fingers accidentally as you reach for your glass or something.  Simply show him that you are an easy-going girl who enjoys spending time with him. Who wouldn’t like that?

Take some time and groom yourself

If you had any doubts if we like it when you dress up for us– the answer is YES. This man who asked you out is willing to devote his evening to you and probably spend some money on your drinks or dinner, so make an effort to look as good as you can. You don’t necessarily have to put on high heels and a slutty dress. Just dress up in something feminine and sexy which you feel comfortable in.

Let’s accept it, people look at the package first before they check on what’s inside and that is the same way with people. He won’t know how funny, witty and smart you are until you spend more time together and the very first thing he sees is how you look. There are products for everything nowadays, so just make sure that you look impressive and that it is obvious that you put some effort in to appear extra good-looking just for him.

As it applies in every case in life, moderation is the key to success. Don’t stress too much and just enjoy your date. Be someone who is easy and fun to spend time with. Stay in the present and don’t project him already in your head as your future boyfriend. Focus on listening to him and enjoying his company. There is nothing sexier than a truly happy woman!


Patrick Banks is a Berlin based writer with over 5 years of experience providing sex and dating advice. You can check his helpful  love and dating tips  at Wingman Magazine.


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