Summer Endings Lead To New Fall Beginnings!

Summer is my favorite season. Sun-bathing, beach-time, brunching and  enjoying the sun-rays. Everyone is out and about in their summer whites and brights. Splash time with the sprouts. However, Fall is where I tend to be more focused. I think it is just the Back-to-school mentality that is engrained in my brain from my many years in school.

curvy-road-2 - Copy

I enjoyed a mini-vacay to the Vineyard and reunited with friends and met new ones. Cheers to the new! This summer has been for the most part peaceful. While initially ramped with social gatherings, the second half was filled with much needed R&R time.

I reflect on my divorce journey over the past two years and am finally at peace. No more spastic emotional moments. Frustrations with the opposite sex have ceased. I have learned to just go with the flow. Just move on if the groove isn’t right or the effort doesn’t reciprocate mine. I can and am now focused on my next chapter in terms of career and my financial state. I am a happily single woman who is in no rush to change my status. People come and people go, those that are true always find a place in your life.

I have created new friendships which I hope  will continue to thrive and continue to build on the old. As the summer ends, I am optimistic about my near-term future. Summer endings lead to new fall beginnings!

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