Domestic Violence-Ray Rice KO! A Definite Deal-breaker To The Relationship and Your Future!

The buzz on the news is the disturbing domestic violence video tape release of professional football Running Back athlete Ray Rice who played for the NFL Baltimore Ravens team punching his now wife in the face and knocking her out at the now recently closed Revel Hotel in Atlantic City in February 2014 shared by celebrity news site TMZ. The video is approximately three minutes and a half….and heartbreaking.

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The nationally-released video has resulted in much commentary from the general public and  celebrities alice. Since the video was released, Baltimore Ravens has released Ray Rice from the team and the NFL has put him on indefinite suspension . The team that once defended and stood by Ray Rice’s side has now separated their franchise from him.

This video puts to the forefront the severity and pervasive of domestic violence. While horrifying, it is a reminder to everyone that unfortunately, some people think in order to control a person is physically putting their hands on them. For all the battered women who remain silent, who spoke up and their voices were unheard, or pacified as “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, or were looked upon as deserving for a beat-down due to choosing to date someone of material wealth or committed an act of infidelity or any other non-violent act was deserving of a punishment of physical abuse. It puts to awareness, that it is unacceptable. And why was Ray Rice revered as still a football prodigy despite the accusations of assault in which he is still addressing in court? It finally took an embarrassing tape that was released to the public to finally believe the accusations? Why did his wife choose to stand by her man, despite the abuse?

I hope this video serves to young men an example that what occurred on tape is unacceptable and a moment of rage will lead to a life of resentment that is punishable by law. The hopes and dreams that were attained or still in pursuit of attaining will be erased and replaced by a large smear of shameless.

The Ray Rice incident, I hope will also serve to those women that are unfortunately in a physically abusive relationship strength to exit out their situation. Seek out guidance to build the courage to remove out of any verbally and physically abusive relationship.

There is no way to go but move forward when involved in a physically abusive relationship. No reconciling or understanding. If someone put their hands on you once, they will do it again. This is definitely a deal breaker.

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