Separation In The Air! Wiz Khalifa/Amber Rose, Jason Derulo/Jordin Sparks and The Neely’s from the Food Network?

There has been plenty of buzz on recent celebrity couples filing for divorce and separating this past week. Divorce is in the Air! Break-Ups are the latest buzz word in celebrity gossip.


One is Rapper Wiz Khalifa and Model Amber Rose, after one year of marriage. There are allegations of Amber catching Wiz in the bed with another woman. That is a WoWzy! Media reports that their prenuptial agreement, will require Wiz to pay Amber $1 million dollars along with $5 thousand dollars a month in spousal support.


Another celebrity couple that has announced they are filing for divorce is Pat and Gina Neely, the Food Network married couple after 20 years of marriage. According to TMZ, this couple has been separated for 2 years. They have established a phenomenal brand. The reason for their split is irreconcilable differences. No alleged cheating leaked through the media. Perhaps they just grew apart. Their children are grown, and they plan to focus on the individual brands. Why continue to stay together, if they have creative differences in love and life?


Another couple that announced splitsville is Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo after being a couple for three years. While not married, they were able to develop a formidable bond which is difficult in the music business.

My Insights!

Should we not expect marriages to last forever, when walking down the aisle? The trend is more marriages end up in “Splitsville” than “To Death Do Us Part”. Should it be expected that over time, we have creative differences in love and life and two people will eventually grow apart? Infidelity is prevalent. Many of us are not sticking by our mates through their acts of stray. This is not the 1950’s generation of marriage, but the millennium’s generation. The motto is if the love dissipates, we grow apart or feel disrespected, this is carved out of the definition “For Better or Worst”.

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