Should Your Life Be At Risk Because You Reject A Man’s Advances? Detroit Mother Killed!

I read a disturbing article about a Detroit mother of three was killed after she rejected a man’s advances.

According to media sources, 27-year-old Mary “Unique” Spears and her family members were celebrating the life of a deceased family member at a Detroit rental hall when an uninvited 38-year-old man started harassing her.


Spears’ relative,told Detroit’s Fox affiliate, WBJK, “He said, ‘Can I get your name, your number. She said ‘I have a man I can’t talk to you.’”

The man did not take no for an answer and continued to harass her until about 2 am. When family was exiting the rental hall, the man approached Spears again when she walked out.  The man grabbed and hit Spears. Spears’ fiancee confronted the man and a fight broke out. During the fighting, the man who was trying to pursue Spears began shooting.

Spear’s relative recalled: “He shot her one time, and she tried to run. And he shot her two more times in her head.”

The man fired more shots injuring Spears’ fiancee and sending four other family members to the hospital. Spears did not survive the shooting.

My Insights!

This is ludicrous! However, I can admit that I am not a stranger to inflicted fear of rejecting a stranger that makes a pass at me. I remember approaching 18 and being excited that I can now attend an 18 and older night club. I remember a stranger grabbed my hand and asked me to dance. I politely said no and attempted to walk by. But felt humiliated as the gent and his friends poured their liquor all over me, because I was not interested. I was not rude, but I guess rejection no matter how the delivery of it was not acceptable

This was not the first experience myself or my friends would be terrified of the rebuttal of rejecting a stranger. There was an incident where a group of fellows harassed my girlfriends leaving a nightclub while walking to their car and started firing shots when they were ignored. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

I have learned to avoid possible conflicts by developing my own personal self-defense and avoidance tactics. However, as a woman we should not have to fear for our life, because we are not interested in wanting to get to know a man better.

Unfortunately this case ended horrific. Three kids are without a mother over a ludicrous act. I extend my blessings to the family.


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