I Am In A Sexless Marriage, This Is What I Am Begging Young Men To Consider Before They Get Married

This is for the married men who do feel a prisoner in their marriage or the divorcee who has found passion back in their life but at the expense of their own net worth and their relationships with the kids. I discuss many issues of women…but what about the men? While this guy seems he put all the stops with babysitters, wining and dining and romantic gestures. There are many men who are just as frustrated and forget that they have to continue and date their women years after marriage. Maybe your wife would be more intimate with you! Enjoy!

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When you’re old, you look back on your younger years and it seems like you were sleepwalking. I like to think I’m a smart guy who cares about life and makes good decisions, but then how did I end up here, 38, married 10 years, have had sex maybe once a year for the past 6 years (and it should be noted she didn’t seem to enjoy even that).

This isn’t a life I wanted and yet here I am, stuck in it.

My problem is that my wife won’t have sex with me. My problem is that my wife won’t talk to me about not wanting to have sex with me. My problem is that my wife doesn’t care about being my wife anymore. My problem is that she seems completely disinterested in everything except maybe our kids (which, thank god).

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Maybe women are programed to…

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