New Year New Vision!

Reflecting on my blog posts from last year at this time…I ask myself did I achieve my goals for 2014.  I can say I honestly did. I remain optimistic on life, pushing forward in all my aspirations.  I approach all new situations with an open mind and heart.



This year was a period of self-reflection, learning what makes me happy so I can navigate myself to a peaceful life.  I have learned from past mistakes in finances, love and life choices…I have discovered that some decisions I made throughout the years had common denominators, which mean I need to change from the core and not from changing jobs and the people I allow in my life.

While not every experience in life ends with a positive outcome….all journeys provide a life lesson. I have learned that some life lessons are the reality of my very own flaws.

This is the year I truly honed my independence and made decisions in travel and lifestyle based on my aspirations. I hope to do the same in 2015.

I still hope to one day find a companion to share these experiences with. While I am not quite there, I believe I have gone leaps and bounds in being better in making decisions of who I allow to enter my personal space. Those that remain in my life I consider genuine and true. Maybe not all outcomes did not result in a companion for life due to timing or our life courses took us on different paths, but I am satisfied with the enduring friendships that was meant to be. Not all of the chapters in this book have not been completely written.  I am in no rush to read the conclusion, but just enjoy the wave of each page as this aspect of my life unfolds.

One thing I did ascertain in 2014, is that I gain a true love of myself, my strengths, flaws and all. Thus, that makes me a better friend, potential companion, employee, own boss for 2015 and beyond.

There is a long list of achievements that I would like to conquer in 2015, be more spiritual, financially responsible, healthier, physically fit, better daughter, mother, and friend, step up as a blogger and more career driven. However, my main goal is to have a peaceful and fulfilling year and be fortunate to see New Year’s Eve 2016! God Bless!

Happy New Year!!!


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