Kevin Hart Discusses His Ex-Wife Torrei and Fiancee Eniko Now Amicable Relationship!

To promote the new movie “The Wedding Ringer”  actor/comedian Kevin Hart spoke with New York’s Power 105 radio statiomm The Breakfast Club,  and discussed the status of the relationship between his ex-wife Torrei Hart and   fiancée Eniko Parrish. According to Kevin the relationship between the two is amicable and is an improvement from the lack of communication between the two. Basically, Torrei initiated the peaceful relationship. Kevin discusses the exchange, the previous status of the relationship between the two women, Torrei attending his wedding, his current relationship with his ex-wife Torrei and timing of his proposal to Eniko on the same day of the premiere of Atlanta Exes.


“I actually, recently called Torrei and gave Torrei the biggest compliment ever because Torrei reached out after the New Year and just said, ‘I want our relationship to be better.’ I thought that was dope on Torrei’s side.”

“It’s not that they never got along, they just don’t talk. Just don’t talk at all. Like at all, literally. They’ve never been ignorant towards each other, they just don’t talk. And I get it, but I was like it’s stupid. But as the guy in the middle of the situation, I don’t say nothing. I act as if everything is cool. Now that they’ve been talking and communicating, I think it’s great. It’s great. In my kids’ eyes, Eniko and Torrei get along. Where they are now is dope. Whatever my kids see is elevated now.”

“I know Torrei ain’t gonna come to no wedding. If she wanted to, she could.”

“To my ex-wife, let me tell you something about my ex-wife. I don’t care what my ex-wife does or has said or has done. That’s the mother of my kids. I respect her. You’ve never heard me disrespect my wife, any way, shape or form. I respect her. I treat her the way I’m supposed to. I don’t care if we fight today, fight tomorrow, the mother of my kids is always going to be on a pedestal. All of the people in the media, I talk to this woman every day. Not because I have to, but because I want to. That’s the mother of my kids. We go at it sometimes, I’m not going to lie to you, but she’s the mother of my kids.”

“A complete accident. Listen to me and I’m glad you brought this up. That was 110% accident. I had no idea. Listen, it was Eniko’s 30th birthday. Everything I do is planned. That night was planned. When I did it, after the surprise party. We sat down and ate dinner and then I propose. Everybody pulled out cameras, taking pictures and everybody was posting it. It was a freak of nature.”

My Insights!

It is great to hear that the animosity between the three is now behind them.  I think it is important when kids are involved that your current partner and your ex-spouse have an amicable relationship. It just makes everything better. Coordination of kids visits and ensuring the children are thriving in school, extracurriculars and exposure through vacations and etc,. This environment is optimal if everyone can get along and work together. I acknowledge that this is difficult to establish and for many there is too much anger, jealousy, hurt, and lack of communication/effort between the gent or lady with the ex-spouse to create a peaceful environment. This dynamic environment cannot always be achieved. And only can when everyone stops being selfish and genuinely wants the other parties to seek happiness in their own lives and puts the kids well-being first. Kudos to them, I am glad they are all able to be mature and work through their differences.


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