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I haven’t posted in awhile. I am about to fall upon my two year anniversary since I was officially divorced..and am at peace at the moment.

Why as you may ask haven’t I posted?

My mind has been spinning. I have been discovering myself. Finding my internal happy. Not supplemented by infatuation, masked by fake love by someone who is not really true.

I have learned to love me internally, flaws and all. I have truly discovered my self worth beyond the greatest reward of being a mother.

I have immersed myself in the dating world.  I have had my heart broken a few times. And realize that shenanigans will be just that. What is most important is how you rise above it all. How you look into yourself and realize that despite outward comments and situations, you know that your a beautiful person inside and out. Whether someone realizes it or not. They may take advantage of your vulnerabilities and not realize your true strengths.

Outward beauty is just that. Sometimes that is all someone really sees. That is what someone only fantasizes about. But there is an inner soul and heart. That is stronger than any force. Whether someone truly appreciates it, is their own prerogative. You have to keep pressing forward.

The utmost importance is you and your off-springs well being. You cannot please everyone. You have to first be at peace with yourself and if there are true blue friends that are there, welcome them into your heart.

At the same time, there are those that don’t understand you. Don’t get the basis of your divorce from your mate. They will judge you. Then there are those who will take advantage of you being naive and ready to open your heart.

Your goal is not to become bitter. It is difficult. But you have to ask God for the strength to keep an optimistic outlook.

I can say this, I am happy with who I am. I am content whether I meet someone anew or march through this journey of life alone. Yes, there are times where you are heartbroken, frustrated that life as you thought it would be doesn’t manifest to what you thought.

But that means, God has something better in store for you.

Yes there are times where I doubt this. My happily divorced and after is not always rosy with a beautiful landscape in the background. There are storms. But it defines strength.

Shenanigans are just that. They too shall pass.

Just always realize your self-worth and own it.

Much love to everyone!

Happy Summer!

2 thoughts on “Shenanigans”

  1. I LOVE THIS POST!!! Seriously, it show how much work you have been doing to learn about yourself and to love yourself. Congratulations on that and also on your two-year anniversary. I believe that once you come to terms and understand and love who you are, you are better prepared and open for a relationship. Excellent post!!

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