“Player Gets Played” Oxygen New Show! Loyalty to Women or Man!

Oxygen has a new hit reality TV show called “Player Gets Played”. The premise of the show focuses on a new tryst scenario where one guy is involved with at least three other girls in each episode. A girlfriend discovers that she is not the one and only to her love interest usually through clues with the aid of a Private Investigator via social media- i.e. a picture, tagged at a location, and through a series of frequent likes by one individual. The girlfriend meets each of the other women one by one by reaching out via Facebook messenger or other social media communication. In which they share text messages and pictures of them each with the targeted guy of interest. Eventually after all of the girlfriends are acquainted they plot to confront their “Man” together.


Each of the scenarios are different, one is over a dinner where each of the girlfriends brings a plate of dish out to the dining table, the other is where one guy thinks he is going to a modeling casting call and is surprised to see all of his ladies there as judges. Another is a personal screening of a movie in which he is busted on the movie and the other girlfriends confront him in the theater.

All scenarios are very different and shows guys who are playing the field comes in all shades and occupations.


My Insights!

Kudos for the women not brawling over a man and coming together and consoling each other through their heart ache. They unite and and confront the “Player” together. All of the girls the men were seeing felt they had a special bond with this gent and most were dating for at least one year and thought they were exclusive or were not aware the guy they were dating had any significant other relationships.

This show is definitely an eye-opener to the reality of the date life and how frequent this occurs. I do believe the show is a bit one-sided and maybe should not only focus on one gender always being the player. It can be viewed as a male-bashing show.

If I had the opportunity where I found out someone wasn’t keeping it 100% real and knew the other girlfriends, would I let them know their man is a cheater?  I wouldn’t want to be the bearer of spreading such inflicted hurt onto others.  I would confront the dude privately, and wouldn’t blast and impact the gent’s reputation on  television. I would hope the gent would come clean on his own if he wanted to continue to build a relationship on trust. Many of us heal on our own or through support from friends and family and graciously walk away from the relationship. Karma always comes back in one way or another. The truth always comes to light.

I will admit it is entertaining and can’t help but empathize with the women who are betrayed and giggle at the reaction from the Player’s who get caught. The up-side to the show is the follow-up interview with the show participants: the Player always learns his lesson on hurting others and becomes a better person from it all. The women always seem to rebound and have moved on with their lives with career successes, new love interests and rarely the Player and one of the girlfriends forgive and try to work on a relationship built on the foundation of trust.

Gents and Ladies Tune In– It is definitely an eye-opener. Those who lives a “Player” lifestyle (men and women) it shows how your lifestyle impacts others and how self-absorbed the Player actually looks when trying to explain themselves initially but also doesn’t realize the pain they self-inflict. For those that have been hurt by a Player lifestyle, it shows that while it may hurt, your not the only one who goes through this. And this too shall pass!







2 thoughts on ““Player Gets Played” Oxygen New Show! Loyalty to Women or Man!”

  1. I agree! Just because the show is on Oxygen, doesn’t mean that it should be all about male cheaters betraying women. It takes all kinds. Also, it seems to me that this is yet another way for people to promote their “brands” through reality TV. All of the guys (so far) have been in “the industry” (music, fashion, etc.) and to me this is more about publicity than anything for most of the people involved… I’m still going to watch but I just wanted to put my thoughts and constructive criticisms out there.

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