These Heaux’s Ain’t Loyal! Really?

There is much discussion on R&B/ Pop singer Chris Brown’s popular song “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal! Many men praise the song and women scowl at the chorus.  Chris Brown’s catchy song basically insinuates that a woman would leave a broke man for a rich man who wants her as depicted in the video below.

Warning: Explicit language



My Insights!

A real woman is down for her man. She believes in the man you are at present and destined to be. She has faith in your potential and will be there through the good and bad.

With one caveat….you have to appreciate her and her potential and strive to be the best man for yourself and her. Reciprocate that love she has for you.

Why would a woman move on and question her loyalty to her man?

1) The man is not claiming her as his woman. There is ambiguity in her title. Thus, she has every right to keep fishing…until an exclusive relationship is established.

2)The man has the mindset that it is mandatory of having a “Main Chick” and a “Side Chick” or two to satisfy his needs from women. Well she deserves better. So if she finds better, it is not about disloyalty, it is about acknowledging her worth and moving on.

3) The man is not striving to be the best guy that he can be for himself or her. This is not about her not enduring  the “down on your luck” occurrences. But you having the lack of self-esteem of not believing in yourself to pull up from life’s battles. You are wallowing in your own misery and not attempting to find a way out of your crisis. If you are not being the man that she can count on because you are unable or do not have the desire to mange the cards that life deals, how can you support and be the man she needs in your life.

These Heauxs Ain’t Loyal! This song may apply for some misguided women who have ill intentions. But the true-hearted ladies that do not tolerate B.S. just know their self-worth! They are leaving a “Broke” man in terms of his attitude and the way he treats a woman for a man who is “Rich” in character and has respect and knows how to treat his woman.


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