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Anderson Cooper Reports About Recent Toxic Love Triangle Sent To Supreme Court on AC360! Your Thoughts! My Insights!


Anderson recently reported on AC360 the story of a case that is now with the Supreme Court where a woman named Carol Bond was convicted in poisoning a friend over an affair with her husband in 2005. The case is now headed to the Supreme Court, questioning whether Carol broke international laws that ban chemical weapons.

The Situation:

In 2005, she found out her girlfriend was pregnant. Her initial excitement turned sour when she found out the baby her girlfriend was carrying was fathered by her husband. Her girlfriend admitted this to her. Of course her reaction was hurt, jealousy and anger (understandable). Eventually, though her husband’s cheating ways, resulted in her becoming severely depressed and having panic attacks so she decided to strike back and aim her anger at her girlfriend over a period of months.

Carol was employed as a microbiologist. She was accused of stealing a toxic dangerous arsonist base chemical from her job and combining it with another lethal substance she bought from Amazon.com. She was convicted of poisoning her friend approx. two dozen times by sprinkling the chemical on her friend’s car door, mail box and apartment door knob.   After her friend burned her finger on the door knob she alerted her post office mail carrier. The Post Office did a sting investigation and placed video cameras which caught Carol in the act. In addition, Carol was accused of stealing mail, which bumped it up from a state level to a federal level. As a result, prosecutors charged her with violating the 1993 Chemical Weapons Treaty which was created to protect against threat of chemical weapons. Carol admitted she was trying to harm her friend but not killing her. She was sentenced and served six years in prison. She is now released and unemployed. If she was convicted on the state level, she would have only been sentenced between 9 months to two years in prison. The love triangle case is now with the Supreme Court, lawyers are questioning whether Carol actually violated the International Chemical Weapons Treaty.

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My Insights!

All of these lovechild stories are becoming contagious. In this case the husband and girlfriend were wrong. As this was not a random sidechick that was not 100% knowledgeable of her lover’s situation. She was friends with the wife, she knew what she was doing. However…..the person who really suffered was the victim herself. She totally lost it and went crazy. As a result she had to do the time in prison.

To all victims of infidelity by their mates, get your mind right and come back to sanity real quick. Hone that inner-crazy chick…it is not worth it.  No man is worth jeopardizing your career and future happiness over. Let karma bite them both (your husband and your so-called friend) without you committing any spiteful acts. Just leave him and let him grovel in his own mess. Let him face his own guilt of losing a phenomenal woman. If he was seeking  that 20% you were lacking, he just missed out on the 80% of goodness that you were bringing to the table (The Tyler Perry’s 80/20 rule).

For you men that want to do your dirt…. think twice and know the people you sleep with, are double-crossing and putting in your mess.  If you are unhappy,aim to leave the relationship gracefully. Jeopardizing your safety is one thing, but risking others safety whether it is your main or your side chick is not worth those few minutes of pleasure.

What Are Your Thoughts? Do You Think Her Sentencing Was Too Harsh or Too Lenient?