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Co-Parenting Dating Conflict #1

Per my earlier blog I mentioned today is Family Day for Boy Scouts. So before the game the Pack decided to attend the Clyde Frazier restaurant and bar…. There is a half court basketball court for kids to play with, good food and close proximity to Madison Square Garden. Great idea. Additionally, it is Football Sunday which means the place has plenty of alpha males. Being an avid Redskins Fan I separate myself from the bunch to watch a little bit of the game. Where the pack is located in the restaurant….Purely showing the Jets game. By the way Redskins are winning! While at the bar I just happenstance sit next to another avid Redskins fan…. Attractive. Holds a great convo… And etc. The dilemma: this is a Boy Scouts event and my ex is hear talking it up with the Boy Scout fathers. He is also a Redskins fan so he comes up to the bar occasionally checking the score as well. Disclaimer: this is my weekend off…. So not really responsible for looking after the Sprouts running around. So I have this appearance that we are here as a family. And I am puzzled on how to handle the situation. First notion of course it really is not that serious…. Because I have plenty of opportunity to meet men on my allotted time during the week for networking. However, when do I get to meet someone that is attractive that just happens to be a Redskins fan. Oh the dilemma!

P.S. By the time I finished this blog entry the San Diego Chargers just scored…. So it looks like a Redskins loose.