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Chris Rock Files For Divorce After Almost 20 Years of Marriage?

Say It Isn’t So!!!! Chris Rock files for divorce from his wife Malaak after 19 years of marriage. What is really going on? Is there a Happily Ever After anymore? According to a statement from Chris Rock’s lawyer to People magazine and his soon to be ex-wife Malaak.


The actor, 49, and Malaak, 45, exchanged vows in 1996. The couple has been residing in New Jersey, where they are raising their two daughters, Lola Simone, 12, and Zahra Savannah, 10.

My Insights!

About 80% of divorces are initiated by the wife. I wonder if it is a matter of the two growing apart or personal interests have drifted outside of their union. Well I am glad the two are committed to the welfare of their children. Both of their kids are in the pre-adolescent stage. While divorce for children is hard, I believe this tender age where kids are discovering change to their bodies, personalities in becoming young adults and figuring who they are, it becomes more critical on how two parents deal with the separation for the sake of their children.

I wish them the best in finding an amenable solution.


Kids Post-Divorce- Routine and Communication Is Imperative!

I will not say that my divorce did not have any impact on my sprouts lives. I notice my son is at times more quiet than usual.  He has had to step up and be the man around the house in his father’s absence. My daughter well she is just too young to notice any difference, except that mommy and daddy have two different places to live, and wonders if she is going to daddy’s house or mommy’s house this weekend. I will say that she is quick to call out for daddy when she does not get her way. But I think being Daddy’s Little Girl and spoiled, her behavior would still be the same despite her parent’s status. Continue reading Kids Post-Divorce- Routine and Communication Is Imperative!

Just One Of Those Days- The 4th of July Weekend Child Custody Battle!

Now I advocate fostering a positive co-parenting relationship. For the most part I get it right. But there are times I become completely frustrated. The battle of managing our parenting with our newly “fabulous” single lives. Continue reading Just One Of Those Days- The 4th of July Weekend Child Custody Battle!