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Keep It Classy! Break-ups Aren’t Easy!

Your heart feels hollow! It was once filled with promise of reciprocity: love, friendship, trust and intimacy. You just vested your time, heart and everything you had in this person. Your hopes of possibly having a “happily ever after” did not manifest. Sadness runs through your body. Your emotions run wild. Was these feelings you had based on real happenings or was it all staged to captivate your heart and watch it shatter in a thousand pieces? Was it something you did wrong or quality that you lacked?¬†Or was it just timing? Maybe your canvas of a relationship did not match your partner’s. Maybe he found it in another.

Despite the demise of a relationship, the outcome of how it ends is controlled by you. Hone in all of those emotions, be it hate, sorrow, or relief. If you felt that you were double-crossed by someone you trusted or angry that the outcome just did not go your way, do not seek revenge. Get your head out of the past. Good Riddance! There is no need to seek for your ex-partner to feel the type of hurt your feeling internally.


No need to defame your mate’s character via social media or any public setting, resort to physical or verbal abuse, or even cold silence if your ex- is reaching out. Aim to keep it a peaceful parting. Continue reading Keep It Classy! Break-ups Aren’t Easy!