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Easter Fun With The Sprouts!





I must say Easter turned out to be a fantastic day. The sprouts and I went to our church, the kiddies starred in the Easter Play. Service followed with an Easter Egg Hunt. My weren’t the kiddies adorable this day. My favorite part is seeing them in their Easter Best! While Continue reading Easter Fun With The Sprouts!

My New Year’s Eve Kiss

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Today is a time to celebrate. What a rocky year 2013 has been. This year has been full of changes. My status changed from married to divorced and I grasped the horns of becoming a single mother. I look forward to the New Year and plan to celebrate a bittersweet ending to 2013 and hopes and promises that I look forward to in 2014. I plan to take my lessons learned in 2013 and fine-tune my priorities in life.  Refer to blog post “Lessons Learned: Grass Isn’t Greener-Onward to 2014.

I will start New Year’s Eve with a healthy protein breakfast and a quick work-out to remind myself that my health and staying fit will be even more significant in the new year. Then off to the Beautician so he can make me fabulous for my evening festivities. As keeping up my appearance as a 30-something youngin’ is also on the top of my priorities in the New Year. My grandmother reminded me of this during my Christmas visit. Her quote, “If everything else is not going right at the moment, just make sure you keep your appearance in tact…everything else will eventually fall into place.” So I will take heed to that advice.  I will continue to pamper myself and prepare for the night festivities. My festive Freak-um dress awaits.

I plan to spend the New Year’s  Eve with friends at the festive gala. No “Boo” to share in the arrival of 2014 and ending of 2013 with. Any prospects I shared time with in 2013 are more likely planning to share it with another boo or indulging in their own swag. No worries…..New Year’s Eve is a time to cherish with those who are special in your life. There is no other people  I would prefer to share this moment with besides my sprouts whom I watched the ball drop with over the past few years, than my friends. Plus, a gala is always great to meet new male friends that could turn into a positive in 2014.

My glass will be filled with spirits and I will laugh and dance the night away. When the ball drops and cheers begin for the new year, I plan to share in a New Year’s kiss with a new friend. It may or may not be innocent, I will just seize the moment. In 2014 a new chapter and fresh page in my book of life begins. So what better way to celebrate the beginning of 2014 than a perfect New Year’s kiss at midnight? No formalities are needed. Just Pucker Up!

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Christmas New Beginnings with the Sprouts!

I reflect on my Christmas season so far with the sprouts. This is the first season with just us three. We had an awesome time trimming the tree, baking ginger bread cookies, sipping egg nog and watching Continue reading Christmas New Beginnings with the Sprouts!

Preparations for Holiday Cheer as a Happily Divorcee! Salute!

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December is my favorite month of the year. My inner child jumps out and starts to count down the 25 days to Christmas, embrace the festivities of Kwanzaa and listen to the stories of Hanukkah celebrations from my Jewish friends. I am just as eager for Santa Claus coming to town, holiday cookies, Christmas tree trimming, watching Home Alone, It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, and Santa Claus series movies on television as my sprouts. I am equally excited over the adult holiday party social gatherings.  Holiday parties are the best as everyone looks forward to the annual gatherings and is the time you can blame your excessive alcohol intake to the joys of giving.  I prepare myself to the many holiday work lunch feasts, after-hour holiday parties, gift exchanges, and most importantly paying gratitude to those who provide service and love to you year-round.

This is the first holiday season where my status will be single. I plan to embrace my singleness while festive in holiday spirit. No sense on dwelling in the past where I always had a date to share my holiday experiences. My electronic RSVP’s will be for just one. Any plus one’s will be reserved for one of my fellow single girlfriends.  It is time to maximize my exposure and what better time than the month of December.

Hello New York City! Introducing me, the fiery firecracker, independent, charismatic, hilarious super woman and mother of two.  Oh and by the way, I am single! And…I can’t tell you how long that status will be…..so get to know me now….as my window for meeting new people is narrowing as we speak. I will strut and exude holiday fumes of gingerbread, peppermint, and pine from my outer presence. As I plan to be fully decked in holiday essence.

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I will sip my spiked eggnog, hog out on the ham, wear my most sexy festive holiday outfit, dance to my favorite holiday classics like Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis” and reserve special moments under the mistletoe for the fellas that are deemed worthy. Afterall I am a Happily Divorcee!

I will not let my spirits damper reflecting on past holiday traditions. It is time for new experiences and opportunities. Tis is the time to celebrate the ending of a challenging year, reflect on your blessings, cherish the wonderful people who remain in your life and look forward to new beginnings. Fill your pathway with Joy, Peace and Happiness as we enter into 2014.

I say Cheers! Salute! A La Votre! Saude! Salud! Tos! Prosit! to good times for all. Enjoy your holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hanukkah! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel! Froliche Weihnachten! Feliz Natal! I look forward to sharing all of my holiday experiences with everyone this month….Stay Tuned!

New Thanksgiving Traditions…Gobble! Gobble!


As Thanksgiving approaches tomorrow, I reflect on who and what I am deeply thankful to and for.  So far 2013 has been a year of rapid changes, new beginnings and bittersweet endings. I am blessed, that through all the transition, I had friends, family and my own strength to persevere. I have remain grounded with sanity in check for the most part. I was able to channel my few inner crazy chick moments to positive ventures…such as the creation of this blog.

This year will be the first where the kids, my ex-husband and myself will not celebrate together.  I plan to make sure this Thanksgiving holiday will be just as memorable as others. Tomorrow the kids and I will have Thanksgiving in South Jersey with my family. I am saved from doing all the cooking this year, but plan on bringing a few of my specialty dishes. Following our return from the family feast, the kids will be traveling with their father to visit his family in Connecticut. In prior years, Black Friday we would begin the festive Christmas activities, visit Santa Claus at the Herald Square Macy’s, window shop and view the animated Christmas themed windows at the high-end department stores on 5th Avenue and take pictures with the Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree as our backdrop.  This was typically followed with a drive to visit my ex’s family in Connecticut.

This weekend I will have to myself. I have not yet figured how I would spend those days to myself. However, I decided to establish a new tradition. Today on Thanksgiving Eve, the children and I will attend a Broadway musical. Both of my kids share my appreciation of Broadway plays. This idea came about as I was pondering on how I would spend the day, while working from home with the sprouts tearing the house apart.  I decided to splurge and get 3 Orchestra seat tickets to Annie. A treat to myself and to the kids.  I am elated.  I love Broadway plays and musicals, which was never shared by my ex-spouse. Between tonight’s play and tomorrow’s feast, I could not be more content of my new Thanksgiving tradition. I am blessed to have a supportive family and two wonderful kids whom I can share this holiday with. I plan to attend a Broadway play every year. If we decide to travel a given year, I may have to alter the tradition a bit. I cannot be more blessed this year. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Gobble! Gobble!