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Khloe Opens Up About Lamar Odom Cheating During A Melt Down on KUWTK- My Insights!

On the July 13th episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, 30 year-old reality star Khloe Kardashian continues to deal with the demise of her marriage with estranged husband 34 year-old professional basketball player Lamar Odom. During the  episode she reveals that she knew Lamar cheated on her while they were married.

“He’s now wearing his ring full time”

“F–k your ring. You were wearing it when you were f—ing someone, too.”

Later on in the episode she receives a text from one of Odom’s Continue reading Khloe Opens Up About Lamar Odom Cheating During A Melt Down on KUWTK- My Insights!


I Am Jealous! I Am Human! Love Brings It When You Ain’t Acting Right!

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Over the weekend I had the opportunity to listen to Beyonce’s new fifth album. The entire music and video compilation is excellent. As a grown woman, I am able to identify with all of her songs. When listening and watching the video  “Jealous”….I could not help to recollect on my own experiences with men and the raw emotion of jealousy. Continue reading I Am Jealous! I Am Human! Love Brings It When You Ain’t Acting Right!

Lamar Odom on Cheating- Blame it on the Homies

Reportedly Lamar Odom blamed his infidelity while married to Khloe Kardashian on his friends. Allegedly, his friends brought ladies around him according to TMZ. Citing “his friends are supporting me the wrong way by bringing girls around”. Says “Khloe brings out his bad side” Continue reading Lamar Odom on Cheating- Blame it on the Homies

Better or Worse: Khloe Kardashian Files Divorce from Lamar Today!- My Insights


Photo Source: US Weekly

Well it is official! Khloe Kardashian has filed for divorce noting irreconcilable differences from her husband since 2009 Lamar Odom. This follows months of separation after alleged accusations of Lamar Odom’s drug use.

My Insights!

I give it to Khloe, she has always been down for her husband since day one. She has been his biggest cheerleader and his place for comfort since vows were exchanged. She has not once said anything negative to the media about her husband since Lamar’s alleged drug use was made public, subsequent DUI and absence from the NBA for the 2013/2014 season. From watching the latest season of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s when she knew Lamar was high calling her and family members all hours of the night because of his paranoia, she masked the chaos from her family. She has been the rock in her relationship and supported her man through his ups and downs, battles with depression, and struggles becoming acclimated to new professional basketball teams.

While marriage says for “Better or Worse”, once your mate is at an ultimate low and surpasses the support and help you can provide, it is up to himself and the assistance of you to encourage him to seek outside professional help. If that is not being done and your mate does not have the desire or strength to want to change his situation, how can he be the  husband that you need in your life? Substance abuse is a serious matter and not seriously seeking help is detrimental. And understandably, for Khloe that was a deal breaker. I concur, when a bad habit or way of living drains your mate and has the same effect on you, it is time to end that relationship. It is best to walk away and let that person heal on his own. If he really loves you he will eventually understand how serious his lifestyle was a heartbreak for you. If your mate rehabilitates and is in a much better place in life, then you can reconsider a relationship. Sometimes real love is knowing when to let someone go. Staying at times, is enabling and accepting your mate at his or her current unhealthy state. Hitting rock bottom at times for some people is the only way to return to sanity. Go Khloe! I wish you much happiness and love! You are a strong and awesome woman. Press On!

What are your thoughts? Do you Agree with Khloe’s Decision to Divorce? Do You Think She Approached Her Marriage Situation to the Public in a Classy Manner?

Lamar Odom Agrees To Anger Management, But Is Khloe Giving Up On Their Marriage? (DETAILS)

This marriage issue in my opinion is a tough one. I admire Khloe for her poise and strength as she deals with her marriage and her husband’s issues.