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“Chemistry. If You Have Chemistry. You Only Need One Other Thing. Timing.”


So I ask a guy friend: Why would you jeopardize a potential promising relationship with a woman that meets all of your requirements,   have an instant click with that has your best interest in mind?

His Answer: TIMING! Why would a guy stop his fun before he is ready for it to stop. There are plenty of fish in the sea….For a guy to stop his fun, he has to be ready for a relationship.

This is not the first time hearing this….

Last week a discussion with another guy friend. I wanted feedback on his experience with dating me….so I can find ways to improve myself.

His Feedback: Your a great person with wonderful qualities.

My Rebuttal: I have heard that from men before…If I have such wonderful qualities, why did we stop dating?

His Answer: TIMING!

Moral of the story: If you want an exclusive relationship with someone that will prosper into a happy ending. Ask the right questions. See where they are at in life, in terms of career, wanting a family and building an empire with someone.

Fact Check: Now I know men don’t want to hear this… If the guy is telling you what they want you to here….do your research. Pay attention to their actions. Consistency is key. Is he opening up about his life, is he bringing you into his life. Are you seeing the gent on the weekends and weekdays?

Demand Honesty: You do not want to be the chick on his “Rotation Belt of Women”. A true dude will tell you if he is in search of a relationship or not. It is up to you to want to continue to pursue more from him than what he is willing to give or just move yourself from his Chess Game and develop a platonic friendship.

Many times when you meet a great gent that shows genuine interest but doesn’t want to pursue a relationship, it really is all about “TIMING”.

Do What Makes You Happy: The Agreement!

A couple of years ago I met a wonderful individual. That person has always been a true objective friend as I battled through my decision of getting a divorce, the process and aftermath. He has been supportive of my search for independence as a single mother and happily divorcee. He always encourages me to “Do What Makes Me Happy” Continue reading Do What Makes You Happy: The Agreement!

America’s Perpetual Bachelor-George Clooney is Engaged? Say What?


According to People.com, George Clooney is retiring from the bachelor life. George Clooney and girlfriend, accomplished British attorney Amal Alamuddin are engaged. Sources confirmed that the pair were spotted with friends where Amal was sporting a pretty nice rock on her left ring finger. Amal is 36 years old and George is 52 years old. Continue reading America’s Perpetual Bachelor-George Clooney is Engaged? Say What?

Thirsty Thursdays! Wait It Is Date Night!

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Thursdays are my day reserved to mingle. Head out to a Manhattan professional after-work function and meet new people, friends and/or potentials. Normal routine as discussed in “Ready Set Mingle“. Today, surprisngly I have a date. An actual well-thought out, planned a week in advance “date”. Now, as a divorcee on the dating scene, you should think that is normal procedure. But it hasn’t been. In fact, most men I have came across do not like to put forth the effort in organizing really anything. Hanging out for drinks with a couple hours notice, I do not qualify as a “date”. Now don’t get me wrong, a woman does appreciate some spontaneity. So no pun intended to my extemporaneous gents out there. Sometimes schedules free up and ability to adjust on last minute notice is appreciated and acknowledged. But, as an extraordinary woman, I do appreciate a gent taking the initiative and providing me with the well-deserved “wooing”  from time to time. Time shared together does not always have to be unplanned. Reservations made, double-booking for dinner and listening to great music…two-thumbs up so far.

So, giddy inside I am…but still a realist. This marks the first “official” date in 2014 for me.  My plan in 2014 after thoughtful dating is to deviate from the common situationships many of us woman find ourselves caught up in and gravitate towards a building relationship. Now, my new rule is not to take a gent too seriously until at least we had four dates…and no this is not even a night cap or open my pandora box rule…I don’t believe in those rules per se.  This is to be considered a viable dating option that could lead to a potential budding relationship. So tonight, my Thirsty Thursdays will be missed and replace with the true purpose of my weekly recurring open vacancy…an actual “date”.

Preparations for Holiday Cheer as a Happily Divorcee! Salute!

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December is my favorite month of the year. My inner child jumps out and starts to count down the 25 days to Christmas, embrace the festivities of Kwanzaa and listen to the stories of Hanukkah celebrations from my Jewish friends. I am just as eager for Santa Claus coming to town, holiday cookies, Christmas tree trimming, watching Home Alone, It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, and Santa Claus series movies on television as my sprouts. I am equally excited over the adult holiday party social gatherings.  Holiday parties are the best as everyone looks forward to the annual gatherings and is the time you can blame your excessive alcohol intake to the joys of giving.  I prepare myself to the many holiday work lunch feasts, after-hour holiday parties, gift exchanges, and most importantly paying gratitude to those who provide service and love to you year-round.

This is the first holiday season where my status will be single. I plan to embrace my singleness while festive in holiday spirit. No sense on dwelling in the past where I always had a date to share my holiday experiences. My electronic RSVP’s will be for just one. Any plus one’s will be reserved for one of my fellow single girlfriends.  It is time to maximize my exposure and what better time than the month of December.

Hello New York City! Introducing me, the fiery firecracker, independent, charismatic, hilarious super woman and mother of two.  Oh and by the way, I am single! And…I can’t tell you how long that status will be…..so get to know me now….as my window for meeting new people is narrowing as we speak. I will strut and exude holiday fumes of gingerbread, peppermint, and pine from my outer presence. As I plan to be fully decked in holiday essence.

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I will sip my spiked eggnog, hog out on the ham, wear my most sexy festive holiday outfit, dance to my favorite holiday classics like Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis” and reserve special moments under the mistletoe for the fellas that are deemed worthy. Afterall I am a Happily Divorcee!

I will not let my spirits damper reflecting on past holiday traditions. It is time for new experiences and opportunities. Tis is the time to celebrate the ending of a challenging year, reflect on your blessings, cherish the wonderful people who remain in your life and look forward to new beginnings. Fill your pathway with Joy, Peace and Happiness as we enter into 2014.

I say Cheers! Salute! A La Votre! Saude! Salud! Tos! Prosit! to good times for all. Enjoy your holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hanukkah! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel! Froliche Weihnachten! Feliz Natal! I look forward to sharing all of my holiday experiences with everyone this month….Stay Tuned!

Caught Feelings Huh? Now He Acting Ignorant!

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Approaching the dating scene with an open-mind and open-heart is suggested by many relationship specialists in getting back out there. Do not be too picky or close-minded, be approachable, allow love to let in. Yes, that seems easy, right? Just flash my pearly whites and enjoy the moment. “Let Life Flow!” Pure bliss will happen. Continue reading Caught Feelings Huh? Now He Acting Ignorant!

My Separation From The “Ring”


During the intense period in determining to get a divorce from my ex -husband…..there was another separation that I had to consider. The removal of my wedding band from my left index finger. This decision triggered me to take a deep pause….matter-of-fact I had to sleep a few Continue reading My Separation From The “Ring”

Co-Parenting Dating Conflict #1

Per my earlier blog I mentioned today is Family Day for Boy Scouts. So before the game the Pack decided to attend the Clyde Frazier restaurant and bar…. There is a half court basketball court for kids to play with, good food and close proximity to Madison Square Garden. Great idea. Additionally, it is Football Sunday which means the place has plenty of alpha males. Being an avid Redskins Fan I separate myself from the bunch to watch a little bit of the game. Where the pack is located in the restaurant….Purely showing the Jets game. By the way Redskins are winning! While at the bar I just happenstance sit next to another avid Redskins fan…. Attractive. Holds a great convo… And etc. The dilemma: this is a Boy Scouts event and my ex is hear talking it up with the Boy Scout fathers. He is also a Redskins fan so he comes up to the bar occasionally checking the score as well. Disclaimer: this is my weekend off…. So not really responsible for looking after the Sprouts running around. So I have this appearance that we are here as a family. And I am puzzled on how to handle the situation. First notion of course it really is not that serious…. Because I have plenty of opportunity to meet men on my allotted time during the week for networking. However, when do I get to meet someone that is attractive that just happens to be a Redskins fan. Oh the dilemma!

P.S. By the time I finished this blog entry the San Diego Chargers just scored…. So it looks like a Redskins loose.