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“Chemistry. If You Have Chemistry. You Only Need One Other Thing. Timing.”


So I ask a guy friend: Why would you jeopardize a potential promising relationship with a woman that meets all of your requirements,   have an instant click with that has your best interest in mind?

His Answer: TIMING! Why would a guy stop his fun before he is ready for it to stop. There are plenty of fish in the sea….For a guy to stop his fun, he has to be ready for a relationship.

This is not the first time hearing this….

Last week a discussion with another guy friend. I wanted feedback on his experience with dating me….so I can find ways to improve myself.

His Feedback: Your a great person with wonderful qualities.

My Rebuttal: I have heard that from men before…If I have such wonderful qualities, why did we stop dating?

His Answer: TIMING!

Moral of the story: If you want an exclusive relationship with someone that will prosper into a happy ending. Ask the right questions. See where they are at in life, in terms of career, wanting a family and building an empire with someone.

Fact Check: Now I know men don’t want to hear this… If the guy is telling you what they want you to here….do your research. Pay attention to their actions. Consistency is key. Is he opening up about his life, is he bringing you into his life. Are you seeing the gent on the weekends and weekdays?

Demand Honesty: You do not want to be the chick on his “Rotation Belt of Women”. A true dude will tell you if he is in search of a relationship or not. It is up to you to want to continue to pursue more from him than what he is willing to give or just move yourself from his Chess Game and develop a platonic friendship.

Many times when you meet a great gent that shows genuine interest but doesn’t want to pursue a relationship, it really is all about “TIMING”.