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Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson Engaged After Dating Since Summer- Too Soon? My Insights!

Evan Ross, brother of  Tracey Ellis Ross and son of Supreme’s singer Diana Ross just became engaged to his girlfriend, singer Ashlee Simpson. Ashlee Simpson, sister of singer, actress and fashion designer Jessica Simpson has been dating Evan Ross since the summer of 2013. A testament to a whirlwind romance. The engagement was announced to the public via Twitter from Ashlee Simpson and Tracey Ellis Ross. Tracey tweeted:

“I am so over the moon for my brother. He has found the LOVE of his life. And I get another sister. Nothing better. I love you “Shlee” Congrats @eross77 @Missbananahammock I’M SO EXCITED!!!!! #RossSimpson #love”

Ashlee also posted a picture of herself, Evan and her bling on Twitter. Announcing: “My baby love and I are ENGAGED!!! Hallelujah Hawaii !!!!!”


Photo Source: MTV.com

The engagement follows a public divorce two years prior from ex-husband and Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz. Congratulations to the couple.

My Insights!

I believe when the love for each other feels right, why wait a year or two to date to know what you already know about the person in the first few months? If the two of you both enjoy each other’s company, recognized each other’s positive and not-so-positive attributes, and still want to have your mate’s back, what else needs to be discussed. I have this debate with my girlfriends all the time. When the timing and maturity is in sync a man becomes ready to find his mate. When they do, provided they are not jaded, they do not waste time. I remember dating a guy from college, maybe a couple of years too long, my aunt approached me and asked what the heck I was doing. For my aunt, my uncle asked for her hand in marriage within six months of dating. She explained to me that it does not take that long for a man to figure out if he wants you in his life. If it does, he is dealing with his own personal issues or there is something about you that causes hesitation. However, more times than not, it is not about you. She told me to move on and let him deal with his issues, when he is ready he will come back. If he is lucky, you may still be there or someone else will acknowledge and appreciate your worth. And sure enough, I did find a man shortly after my break-up who was ready and wanted me to be a part of his life. He put a ring on it within nine months and discussions began with his family a couple of months prior. So I am a firm believer, if it feels right go with the momentum. Sometimes the hesitation brings a lot of unnecessary wounds. I wish much success to Evan and Ashlee’s engagement.