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Online Dating Has Turned Us Into Unicorn Hunters

Thought this was a great article from goodmenproject.com Thought I share enjoy!

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16 Struggles Of Being Both An Independent Woman And A Hopeless Romantic

Thought this was fantastic! My Struggle Every Day or Every Other Day depending if I am focusing on the Independent Woman or the Hopeless Romantic side of me.

Thought Catalog

1. A lot of people think the two things are mutually exclusive. You either have to be a doe-eyed romantic stumbling around desperately looking for love, or you have to be a strong, aggressive, ambitious career woman who doesn’t need a man. A lot of people try to tell you, through their actions or their words, that you’re not allowed to be both.

2. There aren’t a ton of women similar to you represented on the big screen. Sure, there are some. But not enough. Most of the women in the film are portrayed as one-dimensional love interests for men, or cold-hearted, career robots that learn to change and “soften up” when they fall in love. A lot of films make us feel like we can’t have both.

3. If you manage to have both a stable career and a healthy relationship, people often like to ask you how you…

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Summer Endings Lead To New Fall Beginnings!

Summer is my favorite season. Sun-bathing, beach-time, brunching and  enjoying the sun-rays. Everyone is out and about in their summer whites and brights. Splash time with the sprouts. However, Fall is where I tend to be more focused. I think it is just the Back-to-school mentality that is engrained in my brain from my many years in school. Continue reading Summer Endings Lead To New Fall Beginnings!