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Should You Test Drive Before Buying?

So here is the deal. You think you have finally met your match. All things that matter are in sync….except you have not yet been intimate with your mate. Perhaps the timing has not been right or you want to maintain your virtue until marriage or reach a certain stage in your relationship. I get it! Rightfully so, you should wait until you are ready and comfortable to be physical, develop a trusting bond and know where you stand. Continue reading Should You Test Drive Before Buying?

Nominated for 2014 Black Weblog Awards! Please Vote and Support!


I have been nominated for the 2014 Black Weblog Awards! Over the past year I have really enjoyed blogging and sharing my experiences in my process of becoming a “Happily Divorcee”. If my blogs have resonated with you personally or just enjoyed being entertained by my colorful stories and opinions.  Please support and vote for my blog.  Voting ends tomorrow on 10/14/2014!!! I really need your support!

When voting select: HappilyDivorcedandAfter at www.blackweblogawards.com

I have been nominated for the following categories:

“Best Blog Post Series”

“Best Writing In A Blog” and

“Best Sex or Relationship Blog”

Thank You In Advance For Your Support and Continued Thanks For Your Support and Continue To Read My Blog!!!