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Single-Mom Dating Woes- Not Taken Seriously- Advice from Coach Evan Marc Katz

I came across this interesting article about a single mom’s dating struggles on Evan Marc Katz’s site. In her case men are interested…but only for a potential good time not for a relationship as they are in to her but do not want the responsibilities of dealing with the children and ex-husband. This woman’s experience and Evan’s advice is my reality of my date-life as a divorcee. My approach to dating has evolved like Evan’s advice suggests. I shifted from dating men without any attachments to the 40-something divorced with kids. However, the challenge remains on the ultimate time you are available compared to a woman who has no responsibilities. The divorced are enjoying their new post-marriage life and well…. the journey continues. So I say just be happy within,  enjoy life’s blessings, your sprouts and eventually one day maybe the perfect match will come. But don’t waste your pretty dwelling on it. Enjoy this read my Single Mommies!

I’m a Single Mom Who Is Ready To Give Up On Men Because They All Want Sex.

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I haven’t posted in awhile. I am about to fall upon my two year anniversary since I was officially divorced..and am at peace at the moment.

Why as you may ask haven’t I posted?

My mind has been spinning. I have been discovering myself. Finding my internal happy. Not supplemented by infatuation, masked by fake love by someone who is not really true. Continue reading Shenanigans

10 things I wish I’d known before getting divorced

This morning I read this forthright article posted on NBC Today in the Health section which I found from HuffPostDivorce. A divorce mediator tells of her 10 things she was not prepared for in her own divorce which resonates not only with me but other divorcees. Continue reading 10 things I wish I’d known before getting divorced

Just The Little Things That Matter!

Today my daughter started PreK-3 and my son’s first day for 3rd Grade was yesterday. The eyes of excitement when going back to school shopping and anxiety approaching their first days of school. Beginning of new school-year extra-curriculars and all other sorts. These are the moments I cherish. These are the moments when I feel truly blessed. My sprouts are my everything. They keep me wanting to be a better “Me”. Continue reading Just The Little Things That Matter!

I Am A Product Of “The Divorce Generation”!

The “Divorce Generation” is referencing Generation X born between 1965 and 1980. A 2011 article in the Wall Street Journal: “The Divorce Generation” discusses the impacts of being raised in a time where if you were not a product from a divorced family, you had a very dear friend that was. The question asked to our generation, as opposed to my parents are “When Did Your Parents Get Divorced?”as opposed to “Where Were You During D-Day?” or “When Kennedy Was Shot or Nixon Resigned?”. Continue reading I Am A Product Of “The Divorce Generation”!

Just One Of Those Days- The 4th of July Weekend Child Custody Battle!

Now I advocate fostering a positive co-parenting relationship. For the most part I get it right. But there are times I become completely frustrated. The battle of managing our parenting with our newly “fabulous” single lives. Continue reading Just One Of Those Days- The 4th of July Weekend Child Custody Battle!

The Divorce Decision!

I Want Our Children To Be Raised In A Two-Parent Household!

I Do Not Want To Be Considered A Failure!

What Is Wrong With Me or Us?

Why Can’t We Just Be Happy?

Should I Sacrifice My personal wants and desires for the sake of family?

Where Did The Love Go?

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Tyler Perry’s “The Single Mom’s Club” My Insights!

Yesterday was the premiere opening of Tyler Perry’s “The Single Mom’s Club”. All month I have been eagerly anticipating in seeing this movie. Afterall the movie epitomizes my current life situation Continue reading Tyler Perry’s “The Single Mom’s Club” My Insights!

Sprouts, Divorce and Chaos! Is it Manageable?

As a recently divorced mom, I am aware that there has been change in my children’s behavior post-divorce. As much as you try to shield them from all of the drama and chaos, it is impossible to mask them from all disagreement and keep everything consistent prior to Continue reading Sprouts, Divorce and Chaos! Is it Manageable?

Kevin Hart Talks About Eniko as Wifey Material and It Does Not Take Away From His Ex-Wife!

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Kevin Hart discusses his current relationship with girlfriend, Eniko Parish. Following his divorce with former wife Torrei, he gets many questions and confusion with his relationship with Eniko. Kevin however, remains steady and continues to demonstrate his love for Eniko, notwithstanding opinions from critics. During a recent interview with Necole Bitchie, the comedian/ actor who is currently starring in the movie “About Last Night” discusses some of the many reasons he feels Eniko is wifey material.

“I found somebody who put a smile on my face,” he confessed. “I found somebody who genuinely made me happy. Which people don’t realize is not an easy task. You know, the word ‘happy’ is a strong word. I’m not talking about facilitating happiness, I’m talking about genuinely making me happy. And she does that.”

He continues to discuss Eniko’s strength and commitment to him is more connected and deep than many people realize.

“Eniko is a strong woman in my life. Not [just] in the way she embraces me but from the way that- in the beginning of our relationship, for years I kept my kids away from what we were doing until I felt [they] were ready and when I finally did [put her around my kids] she embraced that as well.”

“The way that she stepped up to the plate and just accepted me for who I am, accepted me as a man coming in with kids and not even blinking an eye. I think she’s shown that she’s a woman who has my back. And that’s what you want when you’re in the position that I’m in and you’re in the entertainment business. Everybody’s going to question everything you do. Everybody’s going to question everything you say, but you have to come to a strong decision of what’s right and what’s wrong. And right now, the one thing I can say is right is having that woman in my life.”

Kevin also shares how his love and commitment with Eniko does not take away from his relationship with his ex-wife and mother to his kids, Torrei.

“To be honest with you, me and my ex-wife, we had our problems. We had REAL problems. So we both walked away from that. And we’re happy that we did and we’re in a better space.”

“At the end of the day, you gotta realize that sometimes people just aren’t meant to be together and you find that out differently,” he said. “But you know, I think the good thing about me and my ex-wife [Torrei] is- I love the fact that [she] is the mother of my kids. I wouldn’t ask for a better person to do it. She gave me two amazing kids and because of that, that’s [her] invaluable purpose to our relationship and in our life.”

“So from this day on, we’re in each others’ lives. We’re friends. We’re [amicable]. It’s not a thing where we don’t get along or we’re fighting all the time. We’re good.”

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Photo Source: http://www.necolebitchie.com

My Insights!

Kevin Hart seems he is at a happy state in his life. Kudos to him. I am glad he is able to balance his relationship with his current love interest and his ex-wife. It all boils down to being with someone who genuinely makes you happy and brings out the best in you. I hope to attain that similar balance in managing my relationship with my ex as we co-parent our kids together and having a special gent in my life that embraces me and my existing family without hesitation. Ok, to be real, my kids and I are handful, so I am alright with mild hesitation, just don’t make it too apparent. LOL! I am always excited to share positive blended families or prospective blended families. Life after divorce can be blissful and does not always end on a negative note.

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