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Auditioning For The Wifey Role? What Would You Put Up With?


Photo Source: http://www.TMZ.com

There has been much chatter over social media lately regarding personal opinions of recent decisions made by two women to stay with their uber-celebrity mates despite recent news of these men fathering love-children, referring to the Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade and Ludacris and girlfriend Eudoxie situations. Both women remain committed to their men despite their promiscuity missteps. There have been conflicting reports on whether there was an actual relationship hiatus when the offspring were conceived. These events bring to light the celebrity lifestyle of male rappers and professional basketball players. Is it possible for men who are pressured with such temptation from groupies to exhibit monogamy? The discussions and opinions on whether these two women (Gabby and Eudoxie) should stay or leave their mate are endless. It begs me to ask: To attain the “Wifey” role with someone should you have to put up with all of that? Would a Man “Put a Ring On It” if I also took a brief break and became impregnated by my “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass” Sidepiece? I think not. Continue reading Auditioning For The Wifey Role? What Would You Put Up With?